Kitchen Counter Tops – Some Interesting Info to Know

The countertop is your most important workplace in the kitchen. All your preparatory work happens here, and this is also often the space where you store frequently used items of cutlery, grocery and so on. Kitchen countertops are generally made of marble, but those in metals or alloys have become popular in recent times. Such counter tops, which were originally found in restaurants or the hospitality industry have now made their foray into residential kitchens as well. Brass is a commonly used material of this type. Other metals used include Zinc and Copper. Metal or alloy based countertops behave differently from those in marble or wood, and here is some information that can come in handy when you want to install kitchen counter tops.

How brass countertops are constructed

Brass countertops can be made using different techniques. One popular technique is laminating sheet brass to a wood substrate to form the countertops. Unique forming methods are employed for the edge profiles, and the countertop sections are bolted together to create a full kitchen countertop. As with other materials like wood, laminate, or stone, kitchen workplaces made of brass too come with seams. However, the unique patina on the brass are able to draw more attention than the seams, making them aesthetically pleasing. Once the countertop sections are built, they are set and aligned in the workshop of the vendor. This allows for straight setting and for the entire assembly to match the specifications provided by you. Some vendors have an approval process in place at this stage. Once you give them a ‘go ahead’ with design and piece, the vendors disassembles the sections, wraps them in good packaging material, and places them in a box or wooden crate for shipping. Upon arrival, the countertop unpacks easily and gets re-assembled in your kitchen, by the vendors.

Benefits of using a brass countertop

Kitchen workplaces made from brass have many benefits. This material is an alloy made from two naturally occurring metals – Zinc and Copper. Both these elements have natural antimicrobial properties, which can also be present in the alloy. Brass is hard, durable, long lasting, and also develops a natural patina. Hence it looks unique on countertops, and stays for a long time in residential kitchens, commercial bars, or rarely used bar tops. They also work well in exterior locations, and get oxidized to develop a naturally weathered look.

Choice of edges for the worktop

The profile of a countertop ( is decided by the space availability, the cabinetry, and other needs. From simple rectangle to alphabet shapes, or those with unique accents, it is possible to create any profile on brass countertops. This is possible when you custom build your kitchen worktop to fit the exact dimensions and size. In case you are unsure about which profile to choose, you can always take the help of a designer or a vendor, who can offer solutions that work best for you. In fact, a completely new profile can be built from scratch based on your preferences, and a prototype built to show you how it works in your kitchen.


The surface and patina of brass tend to change with use and over time. It is difficult to control how the material behaves or appears once installed. But this feature is also what makes brass worktops so unique. Those used in residential kitchens usually develop spots from handprints or liquid, and cluster together to form a mottled appearance. This process happens faster in commercial kitchen or bars as the usage is higher and quicker in such settings.

Matte finishes are often recommended on counter tops made from brass. This allows the material to react quickly, and naturally, based on the use. Marks begin to show right from installation, which can be cleaned. Once the use and cleaning happens on a regular basis, the local weather starts to age the brass. Other substances such as acidic liquids or fluids also can leave marks on the surface. Areas with heavy use tend to display a golden sheen, while the less used spaces reflect a brown color.


The price of a brass counter top is determined by various factors – the sink type, the number of sections, the type of edge detail, the profile, workmanship required, and so on. However, it is possible to get estimates from vendors using quick sketches or reference images.

Kitchen countertops made from brass have a natural beauty that enhance the appeal of your food prep area. So when choosing them, it becomes beneficial to know the above listed details about their design, making, and behavior.

Create Pleasing Interiors Using Modern Lamps

Modern Lamps

In this day and age, lighting task is not only for giving mere, basic illumination to the space concerned, but also for pouring in extra beauty and brilliance all over the place. Nowadays, people generally take the overall aesthetic appearance of the fixtures into consideration, along with the overall capacity to give the proper kind of brightness and the energy consumption level.

While choosing modern lamps, you should be very much prudent. There are various brands of lighting fixtures in the current market; in fact, you will surely get confused because of the plethora of numerous brands and models of the same. The main thing you must ensure is to buy your lighting requirements from a leading online store that store abundant quantities of branded models. This will give you the chance to view the details of various items, from which you can pick the appropriate ones for your specific need.

The main companies that give special focus in the creation of modern lamps are George Kovacs, ET2 Lighting, Trend Lighting, ELK Lighting, Dimond Lighting, Sonneman Lighting, and DVI Lighting. All of these brands have exclusive bands of modern light fixtures that are fit using for all types of lighting tasks. There are diverse types of lighting fixtures that come under the tag of modern lamps. This includes magnificent chandeliers, well-designed pendant lights, extremely swanky wall and bath sconces, bath bars, mirror lights, table lamps, and floor lamps.

Floor Lamps

The use of floor lamps has become par for the course of contemporary interior decoration works. You can use them to illuminate any specific place; however, you must take care not to overuse them and must make the overall ambiance shipshape.

Select Proper Floor lamps

Though there are no generic rules regarding the selection of table lamps, of course, you can adhere to some basic policies. You can take the size and significance of the place where you are going to fix them. However, the shade of the lamp should have a proportionate size as that of the lamp base. The shape can be anything like small, big, square, round, oval, etc.; the only thing that you will have to make sure that it fits well with the surrounding region, and produces smooth illumination. At any rate, the product must display a trendy look; only then, you will be able to shower extra cuteness within the space concerned.

Picking a Proper Floor Lamp Easily

You must select the floor lamps sensibly. The main things that you should bear in mind while picking a floor lamp are the overall importance of the place where you are going to fix the same, the correct dimension of the usable portion of the space, and the exclusivity and allure of the furniture that stays within. You can get these model lamps in various styles and shapes.

Assess the positioning of the furniture before selecting a piece; floor lamps must blend in with the overall settings and space adjustments of the place. Remember that you can bring in diversity by placing trendy floor lamps amidst traditional furniture and vice versa.

If you are for giving uniformity across the various interior areas, you will have to choose your light fixtures accordingly. In this case, always try to spread the same amount of light all over the place. In case you are interested in bringing in a typical dissimilarity within, you must always try to use a good mix of different types of light fixtures. You will have to use relevant floor lamps ( also. The present-day markets hold myriads of floor lamps, and hence, apply prudence while selecting the pieces.

Buying Trendy Floor Lamps

These days, it is quite easy to buy all kinds of products; it is possible to procure almost all items through online methods. In fact, online shopping is rather easy, when compared to the traditional purchasing method; the process is completely effortless, and you will need only less time for the same. For buying your lighting requirements online, the main thing you will have to do is to find out a reliable trader. The company must be an experienced one, as only experienced traders will be able to guide you properly; this is all the more true as far as the purchase of light fixtures are concerned.

Benefits of Buying from the Websites of Leading Traders

You can enjoy certain benefits when you buy through the website of experienced dealers. The benefits include back guarantee, trade/volume discounts, free shipping, and technical advice.

Achieve Exclusive Contemporary Interior Decor with ET2 Lighting

ET2 Lighting collections are contemporary in every sense of the term. With artistic blend of luxurious finishes, fine lines, smooth delicate surfaces and creative shapes these lights have the power to completely transform an ambience from ordinary to exquisite. It is with this lighting range intelligent design always converges with exclusive and sophisticated style by utilizing an array of decorative elements. From delicate translucent crystals to beautiful sculpted glass to smooth metal finishes to visually lucid and appealing fluid chrome, there are too many great elements that make ET2 so powerful choice for interior decor. Besides proving satisfactory to a wide range of emotions and sensibilities they are extremely powerful lighting solutions to bath any interior with light.

The story behind the brand

The strong commitment to make style converge necessity that made this brand one of the most coveted lighting solution world over until today is visible in all its lighting collections. The brand started more than a decade ago in 2004 and since then, it has created a niche in the world of lighting fixtures. Some of the common attributes that made this brand world famous includes simplicity, clean design, and classic look. While these hallmarks continue to thrive with every ET2 light it is also widely known for its functional focus in providing light for every audience. Many of its lights are regarded as beautiful and timeless masterpieces ranging from cabinet lights to chandeliers to lamps and outdoor lights. It offers an array of contemporary European designer lights in exceptional style and fascinating design.

Exuberant contemporary style

ET2 lights are widely regarded for their matchless styles that can easily be considered as classic, elegant and also aristocratic in some cases. The typical idiosyncratic way of creating a style statement is what makes ET2 Lighting so unique. From the gorgeous looking classic chandeliers to exquisite designer lamps to elegant cabinet lighting range to handcrafted pendants for ceilings all lights either offer a quintessentially modern and avant-garde feeling or a vintage lighting ambience. The sophistication and decorative elements of this lighting range remain unmatched as one cannot find such a range that incorporates so many stylistic elements into one.

Massive product line

As far as the choice and range is concerned there is not a dearth of options to satisfy any taste and lighting requirement and this wide expansive variety is primarily the biggest strength of this lighting range. There is multiple lighting options for any interior and rooms with diverse settings and possible requirement of light. One has an expansive choice of chandeliers (, pendants, mini pendants, ceiling lights, wall scones, bath collections, lamp shades and outdoor lights. Depending on the typical preference of collection, finish or style statement one can make a choice for the interior or outdoor lighting needs. With a diversity of options that can really be overwhelming for anyone, finding the perfect combination of lights for any premise is really easy with ET2 lighting range.

Why choose ET2 lighting?

ET2 Lighting has an amazing range of designer light solutions that can be suited to every home and interior ambience. From creating a royal look to giving the ambience a chic modern halo with lights, you have all choices of lighting design at your disposal. Moreover, each of these lighting solutions further makes the choice wider with different finishes and choice of materials.

Over the years clean lines and sleek finish made the ET2 Lighting collections so treasured by its customers and admirers. Besides creating the perfect lighting halo to transform an ambience these contemporary lights are capable to amaze anyone at first sight. Sophisticated color and settings coupled up with high quality material and designer elements make these lighting fixtures ideal fit for homes and commercial premises. Moreover, every different lighting collection under this range offers a wide variety of lights for various purposes and interiors.

From bathroom wall scones to foyer chandeliers to outdoor lights to wall lights to exotic lamps and lampshades, you have a stunning range to choose from. If you want to create a unique look and feel with selection of lights in your home or elsewhere there can hardly be a better choice than ET2 Lighting. Lights are often known to turn a dull room into a vibrant place and with ET2 lights one will not only achieve this but will make the lighting a really eye grabbing sensual delight as well. From ambiance lighting to spot lighting to task oriented lighting to decorative lighting, ET2 lighting fixtures can deliver all kinds of lighting effects as per your need.

Crystorama Lighting Fixtures will Add Allure to Interiors

Lighting is one of the Crucial Interior Decoration Tasks

Smart and sensible interior decoration is imperative as far as the process of converting a bare building into a livable status is concerned. If not performed in a perfect manner, the building will simply stay as a partially completed structure, and nobody will be able to reside in it. Though there are various related elements in an interior decoration work, without any doubt, the lighting task is highly crucial, and one must not take it lightly.

Buildings Require Manifold Lighting

In general, there are diverse sections in a residence and are usually classified in terms of usage such as living room, bedroom, bathroom, dining room, kitchen, courtyard, balcony, etc. It is also the same case with commercial and industrial buildings though the name of the place and the purpose of use will be different. You will have to make use of different styles of light fixtures in each of these areas. For example, you can fix a gorgeous looking chandelier or a dazzling pendant in the living room or patio; this will surely augment the existing excellence of these areas. However, you need spot lights for kitchen cabinet areas and any other such places where you need task lights. Likewise, you will have to choose suitable light fixtures for all other places including floor and desk lamps ( Flush mounts and semi-flush mounts will amplify the overall charm of all interior spaces, including hallways and bedrooms. Crystorama mounts and semi-mount light fixtures enjoy tremendous customer support. Having said that, it is practically good to take the advice of a professional interior decorator or a subject specialist; this is the best way to bring in more neatness and modishness within the rooms and other indoor areas.

Crystorama Lighting

The company takes extreme care while conducting the R&D tasks and thus brings out numerous new models of light fixtures every now and then. You can find different types of modern lighting items under the label of this brand such as pendants, chandeliers, wall sconces, flush mounts, and semi-flush mounts.

Contemporary indoor decorators know the practical importance of fixing Crystorama lighting fixtures while performing the lighting task. As these fixtures are extremely stylish in appearance and functional to the core, you can certainly enhance the overall charm of the internal areas considerably by using them. The company is able to bring out numerous new models of light fixtures every now and then, because, it takes extreme care while conducting the R&D tasks. The meticulous application of the latest technological knowledge and tools makes Crystorama lighting fixtures highly effectual. Crystorama chandeliers and pendants are extremely popular; you will get different models of the same. The wall sconces and flush mounts from the house of Crystorama have also wide acceptance.

It is Easy to Buy Crystorama Lighting Fixtures through Online Platforms

There are several online platforms from where you can buy this brand light fixtures. Nevertheless, you must locate a dependable dealer who is well-experienced in this particular line of business. It is always good to find a dealer who trades different brands, because, you will get the chance to compare the items before buying. This is especially true while lighting new residences and commercial buildings.

Online Purchasing is Easy, Effective, and Economical

Easy: The process of online shopping is rather easy; you can perform the same swiftly, because, almost all shopping websites will have a customer-friendly approach. You can easily pass through from one page to another and effectively complete the transactions. Moreover, all of the entailed functions, from the selection of models to the payment process are totally effortless. You can manage the same even while on the go, by using your smart phones or tabs.

Effective: You can see the clear images of diverse models of the same product and hence can choose the most appropriate ones. Certainly, all customers will appreciate this effectiveness. There will be simple payment methods. You can clear the invoice by using different payment options such as ‘PayPal’, ‘Visa’, ‘MasterCard’, ‘Discover’, etc. All of these payment platforms are popular, and you will be able to pay effortlessly.

Economical: In addition to the basic effectiveness, you can purchase the desired items in a cost-effective manner. You will be eligible for various discounts such as ‘low price guarantee’, ‘volume / trade discount’, ‘easy returns’, and ‘free shipping’. These provisions mean additional monetary benefits for you.

Use LBL Lighting Fixtures for an Impressive Interior Decor

Carrying out the interior decoration in an impressive manner is everybody’s dream, and many people will be willing to spend a bit more than usual to get it right. However, if you choose LBL lighting fixtures, you can not only phase in stylishness into the interior spaces but also do it in a cost-effective manner. The LBL lighting company has more than four decades of experience in the lighting field. This vast experience, which spans through different generations, makes the company stands out from the crowd. A major section of the North American interior designers always opts for LBL lighting. In fact, this is not a matter to wonder, because of the inbuilt quality of the make. You can find different varieties of lighting fixtures such as pendants, ceiling mounts, wall sconces, bath sconces, and outdoor fixtures in this brand. Hence, you can purchase the precisely required items for your interior and exterior lighting tasks. This is the main reason why experienced interior lighting ( experts advise their clients to use LBL lighting fixtures for an impressive interior decor.

LBL Pendants: These are flashy items and will deliver quality to the area concerned. By hanging these exquisite pieces, you can make almost all places in your home glamorous. You will get good glass options, and so you can pick the exactly required pendant, to dress up your specific interior space.

LBL Ceiling Mounts: The smooth and shiny nature of this fixture will certainly add much brilliance to the area. This is the main reason why all modern-day builders use this product. There is a touch of traditional classiness, and this comes without any compromise on stylishness.

LBL Bath & Wall Sconces: These products carry the exact sort of the prevailing trends of style and grace, and will add extra enticement to the overall beauty of the adjacent areas.

LBL Outdoor Fixtures: You can find a good collection of modern outdoor fixtures, which will make your exterior walls dolled up.

The Key Traits of LBL Lighting Fixtures

The key traits of LBL lighting fixtures that make them all the rage are the handy, as well as the decorative natures. The manufacturing company strictly adheres to three basic points during the production process: the practical lighting requirement, creativity, and the use of the proper type of glass variety.

Practicality: You can hang LBL lightings in almost all places, because of the availability of different models. This will give uniformity to your internal spaces. You can find diverse varieties such as pendants, bath sconces, wall sconces, ceiling mounts, and outdoor light fixtures.

Creativity: The artistic way of designing is exemplary; this focused way of designing makes each model eye-catching. There are varied types LBL lighting fixtures from which you can pick the most suited model for your precise requirement. This rich choice makes your selection process easy and exclusive.

Variety: The use of the proper type of glass variety is yet another remarkable feature of LBL lighting, and because of this, more customers are becoming staunch aficionados of this brand.

Buy LBL Lighting Fixtures from Trustworthy Traders

You must buy LBL lighting fixtures only from reliable online stores, who have good reputation in selling top brands. By this way, you can make sure that you are getting the most recently manufactured product, because, such stores takes care to renew their stocks every now and then.

Some Benefits of Buying from Online Stores

Free Shipping: The most impressive benefit is that you will be able to enjoy free and secure delivery service. Buying such easily breakable products and taking them home is a tough task. One will have to be extra careful while managing the transportation after buying the same from a customary shop. However, reputed online shops provide free and secured shipping. When you purchase Modern lighting fixtures through such online stores, you can not only ensure the quality of products but also get them at your doorstep safely, without and breakages.

Low Price Guarantee: Indeed this is a tempting feature that prompts many customers to go for eminent online traders. Some of such companies offer an incredible 110% low price guarantee.

Easy Return Facility: This is another enticing provision provided by professionally managed online stores. This feature becomes imperative in some cases when you order products on the spur of the moment, and later you change your mind.

Volume/Trade Discounts: You won’t have to spend excessively, because, you will get attractive discounts, depending on your purchase volume.

Light Up Your Home with Interior and Exterior Light Fixtures from Norwell Lighting

We all want light fixtures that work well and at the same time look delightful to the eyes.  And it is exactly this balance of practicality and good looks what Norwell is known to offer its consumers. With the hangover of colonial enterprises that survived for decades all over the world, we still find its eminence and aura mesmerizing. Based in New England, the company is built upon the motto of reinterpreting England’s colonial and sea-faring traditions and transforming it into light fittings that adapt to modern taste.

With decades of experience, Norwell Lighting brings you the best of both worlds – modern design and colonial theme. With this blend of two generations and trust of its brand name, one can only be more than satisfied while choosing a product from Norwell Lighting. Here are some of the features that make this brand so popular:

•  Wide Range of Products

Norwell lighting is one of the most popular names in lighting world and is widely known for its experience and innovative designs. The company has witnessed changing dynamics of science and technology and has been a spectator to the shift from traditional handcrafted fixtures to machine manufactured precision. They offer a wide range of products, including sconces, outdoor fittings, chandeliers, pendants and bathroom accessories. These products are designed to fit your modern house and completely transform its look.

•  Unique and Innovative Designs

For more than 75 years, Norwell is well-known for its innovative and unique designs. All the products offered by the brand not only serve their functional purpose effectively, but enhances the aesthetic appeal of the area as well.

•  Advanced Technology

The innovators, designers, technicians and the craftsmen, all work in unison at Norwell to manufacture light fittings that are better than the rest. They use advanced technology and imaginative designs to bring out innovative and new product ranges each season. They use strictly solid brass to manufacture all their fittings that are both durable and elegant.

•  Global Standing

Global reach is a symbol and mark of worldwide stability and trust. The fittings need to be carefully designed, with continuous and careful attention to every detail in order to satisfy customers from all across the globe. Norwell has achieved this by ensuring that each of its fixtures is given individual and unparalleled attention.

•  Commercial Experience

In addition to being involved in both interior and exterior light fixtures, the company also deals in commercial lighting. ILEX Architectural Lighting ( Davis Muller Lighting are its commercial lighting lines. They have also designed fixtures for various world-known brands like The Four Seasons, Abercrombie & Fitch, Victoria’s Secret and Capital One Bank.

•  Functionality

While buying the light fixtures for your house, one needs to take care of various factors like type of illumination, wattage requirement, complementing styles, suitable colors, etc. The look and feel of the light fittings plays a crucial role in affecting its functionality. Norwell offers various product ranges to suit different illumination needs. For instance, while the bedroom light fixtures should focus more on ambient and accent lighting, bathroom and kitchen fittings need to stress on task lighting requirements.

•  Durability

The light fittings installed in the house stay there for decades to come. Therefore, it is crucial that they are durable and sturdy. Norwell Lighting uses European castings to ensure longevity of their fixtures. Traditionally, European castings are believed to be aesthetically most pleasing and also the most long-lasting form of brass manufacturing. They are used by all reputed lighting brands to allow their light fittings to endure all weather conditions and stay intact for a longer duration of time.

•  Multiple Finish Options

Norwell offers various finishes like aged brass, architectural bronze, brushed chrome, black, brushed nickel, bronze, chrome, copper, galvanized, gun metal, oil rubbed bronze, polished nickel, pewter, sienna and verde. With so many varied finishes for you to choose from, you can surely find fittings that will accentuate the look of your room and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the house.

There is a reason – in fact many reasons – why Norwell Lighting is an industry leader in the field of contemporary light fittings. So choose Norwell for all your lighting needs and make your house look spectacular.

Create an Old-World Charm in Your Home with Onion Lights

Onion lights are part of the architectural heritage of seafarers from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. With a growing interest in Colonial style home decor, buyers all over America are trying out these distinctive fixtures for their exterior and interior lighting.

Where did Onion Lights Originate?

Onion Lights were first used by whalers and seamen based out of the whaling towns of Massachusetts in New England. The original onion lights were heavy affairs, lit by whale oil. They were designed to have a measure of portability and could also be hung from the wall or rested on a level surface. A round glass orb was used for maximum light throw. As the glass industry advanced to thinner and lighter designs, protective rings were added to the onion lights so the glass would not crack on impact. While mariners started using them on land as well, these lights became as much a part of New England homes as shingles, clam chowder and gold-rimmed quarterboards.

Design and Materials Used in Onion Lights

Onion lights were originally designed for throwing light in all directions, which was especially useful on the open sea on whaling expeditions. Modern designs use clear or frosted glass. The lights had a heavy stand so the lamp could be rested on a table or the ground and would not easily topple over. The stand also served as the oil holder for the lamp wick. A round hole on the top of the lamp served to help hand the light off a chain or a wooden peg. While the earliest designs used tin, brass came to be adopted widely because of its durability and corrosion resistance. However years of use and salt air of the coast ensured the lamps would acquire a beautiful patina of age over the years. Of course, these days, arroyo craftsman and onion lights are powered by electricity. Because of the clear glass, homeowners may prefer to couple them with old-school incandescent lamps which also complement the design with their warm light and distinctive round shape. The finish on the fixtures can also be customized, with special artificial schemes resembling patina to match the decor and effect that buyers are looking for. The wooden peg has been replaced by a fixed curved iron piece connected the lamp to a matching plate or a chain for mounting to the ceiling. While some firms have switched to steel for these lamps, the best manufacturers still use handcrafted brass for authenticity.

Types of Onion Lights

The different kinds of onion lights include wall mounted fixtures, ceiling mounted lights, hanging fixtures and post mounted lights. Onion lights come in different sizes, including small, medium, large and extra large. The glass shape can be round or oval. Buyers can look for ribbed finish glass as an option for clear glass. For post mounted lights, a pole with matching paint and style will greatly complement the design of the onion lights. A variety of metal finishes can be ordered to give the fixture a distinctive appearance. These finishes are Antique Brass, Dark Brass, Antique Bronze, Dark Bronze, Verde Green and Gun Metal.

Tips for Installing Onion Lights

While onion lights started off as typical outdoor lighting, they are versatile designs that can be used both indoors and outdoors. However, the indoors pieces will be lighter and more delicate, while the outdoor pieces are built tougher to withstand hard weather conditions. One way to ensure onion lights catch the eye when installed as door lights is to make sure the lamp has a width about one-fifth of the door and the lamp sits at a height of approximately one fifth below the door frame. Onion lights are best used in pairs as door lights. However when using them in foyers or as hanging applications, the lights can be used singly for maximum effect. The old-world feeling of lamp wicks can be replicated with incandescent bulbs or warm-light LEDs which have a long life. Brass fixtures can be quite heavy, so make sure the mounting is perfect or get help to install the fixture safely. Onion lights can be complemented with other colonial touches like gold rimmed quarter boards as well as California Mission style decor for a contrasting look.

Grace the Exteriors with Unique Lighting Designs from Norwell Lighting

Colonial Revival architecture has remained an enduring facet of home decor in America. The influence of the style is apparent from furniture catalogues and decor stores even today. The style began as a nostalgic evocation of the early simple style of houses in early America of the 18th Century, particularly from the towns and harbors of New England. Gradually the style has become the default decor scheme, with trends of modernism coming and going. One of the firms that has kept innovating in this niche is Norwell Lighting, based out of East Taunton, Massachusetts. The firm itself is no new entrant, with a history of 75 years in the lighting space. The outdoor lighting range from Norwell Lighting and Northeast Lantern has come in for particular praise. There is great interest in their Colonial style pieces made with authentic materials and stylized finishes.

The characteristics of the Colonial style are clean lines and gentle curves with minimal flourishes. Exterior lighting fixtures in this style are best used in individual homes where the surrounding decorative scheme can be easily tweaked to allow it to fit in.

Outdoor Sconces

Norwell Lighting’s outdoor sconces are shaped like lanterns of yore. The range is divided into collections like American Heritage, Budapest, Cottage, Compton, Copper, Lexington, New Orleans, Olde Colony and Vidalia. The firm’s onion lights deserve a special mention as they are based on the lamps that whalers of New England would carry on their hunting trips. Budapest collection is based on European influences from the turn of the 19th century with retro industrial lines and galvanized steel finish. The Mariner range evokes portholes of luxury ships with their round glass and protective bands. The Seafarer range is designed to resemble old oil wick lanterns on passenger ships before the advent of electricity. Compton is another European influenced retro-style collection of exclusive chrome fittings. Minimalistic designs are also available, such as the Olde Colony range. These fittings use a wider glass area to bring in a modern touch to the straight lines of Colonial design. American Heritage is made of solid brass and uses retro elements like a reflector and candelabra electric bulbs with soldered grille metalwork.

Post Mounted Fixtures

Post mounted fixtures offered by Norwell Lighting include American Heritage, Lexington, Beacon, Copper, Cottage and Vidalia. Cottage and Vidalia are onion light fixtures with features like clear and seeded glass. These fixtures are best paired with an extensive garden and period style bulbs to create the feeling of nostalgia they are renowned for.

Onion lights are the most popular facet of Colonial lighting fixtures. These lamps were first used by whalers and seamen based out of the whaling towns of Massachusetts in New England. The original onion lights were heavy affairs, lit by whale oil. They were designed to have a measure of portability and could also be hung from the wall or rested on a level surface. A round glass orb was used for maximum light throw. As the glass industry advanced to thinner and lighter designs, protective rings were added to the onion lights so the glass would not crack on impact.

Design and Materials Used in Onion Lights

Onion lights were originally designed for throwing light in all directions, which was especially useful on the open sea on whaling expeditions. Modern designs use clear or frosted glass. The lights had a heavy stand so the lamp could be rested on a table or the ground and would not easily topple over. The stand also served as the oil holder for the lamp wick. A round hole on the top of the lamp served to help hand the light off a chain or a wooden peg. While the earliest designs used tin, brass came to be adopted widely because of its durability and corrosion resistance. However years of use and salt air of the coast ensured the lamps would acquire a beautiful patina of age over the years. Of course, these days, onion lights are powered by electricity. The finish on the fixtures can also be customized, with special artificial schemes resembling patina to match the decor and effect that buyers are looking for. The wooden peg has been replaced by a fixed curved iron piece connected the lamp to a matching plate or a chain for mounting to the ceiling. While some firms have switched to steel for these lamps, the best manufacturers still use handcrafted brass for authenticity.

What’s the Best Type of Marble for Your Kitchen Floor?

When it comes to purchasing marble countertops, the designing possibilities are endless. If you choose the right finish, it will change your floor to a glistening, shiny surface that your loved ones will admire. The look of the marble may vary, and it depends on what type of style you have in your kitchen. In addition, there are many colors to choose from, and there is no doubt you will find the right one for your flooring.

Why should you choose marble for your kitchen flooring?

Natural stone is low maintenance and easy to care for when it is properly sealed. Additionally, you will be able to choose any color you desire to coordinate with the rest of your house for marble flooring. There are many tiles to choose from that will be the appropriate choice for your kitchen flooring. For example, you can choose “Damasco Light”, “Crema Marfil”, or “Calacatta Classico”, which will look nice in a bright kitchen. You can also choose “Breccia Pernice” as well as “Black Pearl”. The “Damasco Light” has a beige hue, with some etchings in the stone. The “Crema Marfil” has a creamy beige tone, which will also look great in a brightly colored kitchen.

There are many benefits of using marble flooring ( First of all, it comes in a variety of colors, and it is available in various hues. Another reason to choose marble flooring is because of the polish. You will notice that marble will withstand high polish, which is unlike other stone flooring materials. This will keep your floor looking smooth and shiny, and the colors of your flooring will be more noticeable. The third reason is for the lighting. It is translucent, which means it will penetrate the colors of the marble stones that are light. It will leave a beautiful glow across your kitchen floor, and it will show the quality of your marble flooring.

How to choose the right marble

Polished marble flooring is recommended because it can be buffed until it is shimmering under the natural light. However, you have to be careful after buffing it, because it may become slippery. Another characteristic that you should look for in marble flooring is if it is honed. This process includes grinding the marble until it is flat and smooth, but it won’t be slippery or to shiny. In addition, tumbled marble is available in beige and milky stones. It is buffed, and it works well on large kitchen floors. If tumbled marble is what you’re wanting to get as your kitchen flooring, some pieces are polished and others have a honed surface. Therefore, if you want to use it for your kitchen flooring, you will have to lay out your floor in order to make sure that the look flows naturally. You have to do this to make sure there are no irregularities, and that you like the look of it. Marble works well with professional sealing, and it is recommended to leave it with a honed finish. It is considered to be highly resilient. According to marble professionals, each slab of marble stone will have different streaks of color running throughout.

The main types of Marble

The main classifications of marble are dolomite, magnesium, and calcite. All of these classifications have various types of tones, and they will have different types of vein patterns. One example is Breccia. Breccia marble can vary, and it is considered to be a darker and warmer marble. It looks great for flooring, and it is available in red tones. The next type of marble is Carrara, which is a pure white marble, and it is considered to be one of the lightest marbles for flooring. Calacutta marble is bolder than the carrara marble, but it has warmer hues and can dramatically change the look of the room. Once you’ve decided which marble flooring you want, there are some things you have to remember. Like granite, it is a natural stone, which means it is porous. This means you have to seal your marble surfaces at least once a year. Furthermore, you have to avoid liquids on marble flooring, because there might be a chemical reaction. Make sure you clean up any spills immediately in order to prevent damage. Marble looks great as flooring, and you will be pleased with how it can add elegance to your kitchen.

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