The Lovely Range of Minka Lavery Pendant Lights

Minka Lavery is the lighting focused part of the Minka Group. The outfit aims to offer home buyers a wide variety of models with different design styles as a one-stop shop for premium lighting. Their pendant lights are much sought after for the variety and freshness in design. Let’s take a look at the different Minka Lavery pendants on offer. The lights have been sorted by size for easy selection.

Island Pendants

Island Pendants are a modern interpretation of mini chandeliers. The multiple lights are arrayed horizontally along a central frame or spine to give a monolithic appearance to the fixture. Unlike in chandeliers, lights are rarely stacked over each other. Island Pendants are great for illuminating dining areas, kitchen areas and home bars. Instead of using a set of pendant lights, a single island light will act as a beautiful centre piece for the dining area. The design language used in Island Pendants is quite modern with an industrial edge. Minka Lavery offers Island Pendants from its popular model families so that buyers can choose similar fixtures in different configurations. Downtown Edison comes in a brushed nickel finish with 12 exposed lamps arrayed on either side of the central spine. The pendant is supported by metal down rods emerging from the ceiling fixing plate. Harvard Court is a modern option for buyers who prefer to buy island pendants with shaded lamps. It features four lamps hanging from the spine framed by metal rods, covered by clear or etched opal glass shades. The pendant light comes in a special Harvard Court Bronze finish. The Series 3 island pendant is a classic interpretation with three lights offering both downlighting and ambient lighting. The lamps are shaded with etched glass. It comes with a choice of Lathan Bronze or Polished Nickel finishes.

Large Pendant Lights

Large Pendant can be used to light up medium sized rooms where a chandelier would not be convenient. Minka Lavery has a pleasing mix of classic as well as modern designs that appeal to a wide section of homeowners. Atterbury and Aston Court have a baroque appearance with plenty of metal work on the pendant. Both these pendants have three lights. Paradox, Raiden and Harvard Court pendants offer a more toned down contemporary look. Harvard Court has two large pendants, a three-light option with drum shade and a six-light option with cylindrical shade respectively.  Downtown Edison and Clarte will appeal to buyers looking for modern and minimalistic designs.

Medium Pendant Lights

Medium pendants can be used either singly in smaller rooms or in pairs in larger rooms to create a symmetrical look. Instead of having one large pendant or island pendant, designers opt to have two or more medium sized pendants in dining areas and home bars. This creates a cozy effect in the décor. The Nanti three-lamp pendant light is a drum pendant with an etched vanilla glass shade. The vertical face of the pendant is covered by pleasing metalwork that evokes wrought iron furniture.  The Clarte three-light medium pendant comes in patina iron and chrome finishes. The glass shade is supported by four metal spokes rising from the base.

Small and Mini Pendant Lights

Small and Mini Pendant Lights are used in sets to light up dining areas. They can also be used to light up hallways and vestibules. Mini Pendant lights are available in single lamp configuration. Most model families introduced by Minka Lavery have mini pendants on offer. Aston Court, Salon Grand and Aspen II are the classic models with bell shaped glass shades and elaborate metalwork. Paradox, Nanti, Raiden and Tofino pendants are contemporary offerings with gentle curves and minmal metal work. Downtown Edison, Clarte and PL ranges offer modern interpretations of pendant lights with exposed lamps and very less metalwork.

Pendant Lights are an easy way for home owners to get the glamour of chandeliers at a fraction of the price. With Minka Lavery’s range, buyers get pendants from lighting stores in a wide array of styles and configurations.

Multi Tiered Chandeliers by Seagull Lighting: Breathtaking Beauties in any Home

Seagull Lighting is a name that is well-known in the lighting industry. The brand offers an unparalleled selection of products that is unmatched by most of its peers. The chandeliers by Seagull Lighting encompass multiple themes and styles. From classic and rustic to contemporary and modern, there is a product that fits into every home. These fixtures add tremendous value and complement the series or families of other light fixtures offered by them. They can often be clubbed with a Seagull light pendants to create a standardized look that inspires awe from anyone who comes visiting.

It is not just the design, functionality, or performance that make the chandeliers by this brand so unique. It is quite unusual to find such an extensive line up of chandeliers in varied sizes and tiered designs – there are single tiered chandeliers, multi- tiered chandeliers, as well as mini chandeliers for use in virtually any space in your home. Here is a look at some astounding multi tier designs offered by this brand.


The Emmons chandelier by Seagull Lighting features a traditional silhouette that artfully combines form and function. It showcases shades in Trumpeted Satin Etched glass along with circular finials that elevate the beauty of this design. Be it in the family room, living room, foyer, entryway, this two tier lighting fixture makes a dramatic statement. Emmons is available in two finishes, namely Brushed Nickel and Heirloom Bronze.  The products is Energy Star certified and California Title 24 compliant. The assortment also includes single tiered chandeliers in 3 light and 5 light variants. Illuminate your living spaces with the Emmons multi tiered and pair it with pendant lights of the same family offered by Seagull Lighting, for a breathtaking allure.


Alturas is a modern styled multi tier chandelier that features an interlocking, spherical steel frame, which draws inspiration from the Unisphere constructed for the 1964 New York World’s Fair. It showcases a minimalist styling that draws your eyes to the soft, warm glow of the light emitted from within cylindrical shades in Satin Etched glass. Like Emmons, Alturas is a two tiered chandelier, and also includes single tier 3 light chandeliers and 5 light chandeliers, pendant lights, semi flush lights, as well as bath lights as part of its assortment. The Alturas chandelier is available in  Brushed Nickel and Satin Bronze finishes,with incandescent lamping. It is possible to customize this fixture with Energy Star qualified LED lamping as well.


Corbeille is a flagship traditional collection, and the chandelier is characterized by a distinct bowl-shaped silhouette. Its style is also accentuated by a hint of contemporary inspiration, in the soft hue of the Crème Parchment glass, and the refined curves in Stardust finish, which complement each other.  Corbeille chandeliers are also available in single tiered 3 light and 5 light variants with or without glass shades. The fixture can be fitted with both – incandescent lamping and Energy Star qualified fluorescent lamping. They can also be easily converted to LED by purchasing LED replacement lamps sold separately.

Del Prato

When rustic meets traditional, a light fixture such as Del Prato is born. This chandelier is a perfect choice for all decor styles. It showcases sweeping curves that add interest without complication. The shades in Acid-Etched glass with Cafe Tint contribute to the overall impact of the design. Pair the Del Prato nine chandelier in Chestnut Bronze finish with pendants from the same series against earth-toned walls for an added level of sophistication. Or illuminate a room, or the entire home with other fixtures such as flush and semi-flush ceiling fixtures, wall sconces, and bath fixtures from the assortment. Like Corbeille, Del Prato can easily be converted to LED by purchasing LED replacement lamps sold separately.


The Traditional chandelier by Seagull Lighting is true to its name in every sense. It is a timeless piece that brings the beauty of chandeliers that first adorned the ceiling and homes of Victorian era. The fixture is characterized by bold styling and candelabra base bulbs for a candle light visual. This stunning fifteen light product is available in Brushed Nickel, Heirloom Bronze, and Polished Bronze finishes. The assortment also includes 10 light and 6 light chandeliers. Hang this magnificent chandelier in a living room or family room, and watch as it brings an old world charm to your abode.

Multi tiered chandeliers by Seagull Lighting are just what you need to add illumination and style to every home. When teamed up with Seagull pendant lights from the respective series, these lights transform your homes into breathtaking spaces that leave everyone spellbound.

Kitchen Counter Tops – Some Interesting Info to Know

The countertop is your most important workplace in the kitchen. All your preparatory work happens here, and this is also often the space where you store frequently used items of cutlery, grocery and so on. Kitchen countertops are generally made of marble, but those in metals or alloys have become popular in recent times. Such counter tops, which were originally found in restaurants or the hospitality industry have now made their foray into residential kitchens as well. Brass is a commonly used material of this type. Other metals used include Zinc and Copper. Metal or alloy based countertops behave differently from those in marble or wood, and here is some information that can come in handy when you want to install kitchen counter tops.

How brass countertops are constructed

Brass countertops can be made using different techniques. One popular technique is laminating sheet brass to a wood substrate to form the countertops. Unique forming methods are employed for the edge profiles, and the countertop sections are bolted together to create a full kitchen countertop. As with other materials like wood, laminate, or stone, kitchen workplaces made of brass too come with seams. However, the unique patina on the brass are able to draw more attention than the seams, making them aesthetically pleasing. Once the countertop sections are built, they are set and aligned in the workshop of the vendor. This allows for straight setting and for the entire assembly to match the specifications provided by you. Some vendors have an approval process in place at this stage. Once you give them a ‘go ahead’ with design and piece, the vendors disassembles the sections, wraps them in good packaging material, and places them in a box or wooden crate for shipping. Upon arrival, the countertop unpacks easily and gets re-assembled in your kitchen, by the vendors.

Benefits of using a brass countertop

Kitchen workplaces made from brass have many benefits. This material is an alloy made from two naturally occurring metals – Zinc and Copper. Both these elements have natural antimicrobial properties, which can also be present in the alloy. Brass is hard, durable, long lasting, and also develops a natural patina. Hence it looks unique on countertops, and stays for a long time in residential kitchens, commercial bars, or rarely used bar tops. They also work well in exterior locations, and get oxidized to develop a naturally weathered look.

Choice of edges for the worktop

The profile of a countertop ( is decided by the space availability, the cabinetry, and other needs. From simple rectangle to alphabet shapes, or those with unique accents, it is possible to create any profile on brass countertops. This is possible when you custom build your kitchen worktop to fit the exact dimensions and size. In case you are unsure about which profile to choose, you can always take the help of a designer or a vendor, who can offer solutions that work best for you. In fact, a completely new profile can be built from scratch based on your preferences, and a prototype built to show you how it works in your kitchen.


The surface and patina of brass tend to change with use and over time. It is difficult to control how the material behaves or appears once installed. But this feature is also what makes brass worktops so unique. Those used in residential kitchens usually develop spots from handprints or liquid, and cluster together to form a mottled appearance. This process happens faster in commercial kitchen or bars as the usage is higher and quicker in such settings.

Matte finishes are often recommended on counter tops made from brass. This allows the material to react quickly, and naturally, based on the use. Marks begin to show right from installation, which can be cleaned. Once the use and cleaning happens on a regular basis, the local weather starts to age the brass. Other substances such as acidic liquids or fluids also can leave marks on the surface. Areas with heavy use tend to display a golden sheen, while the less used spaces reflect a brown color.


The price of a brass counter top is determined by various factors – the sink type, the number of sections, the type of edge detail, the profile, workmanship required, and so on. However, it is possible to get estimates from vendors using quick sketches or reference images.

Kitchen countertops made from brass have a natural beauty that enhance the appeal of your food prep area. So when choosing them, it becomes beneficial to know the above listed details about their design, making, and behavior.

Minka Aire Ceiling Fans – World’s Smartest Fans!

Right over our heads, they spin, revolving their blades at varying speeds to suit our cooling needs – and it is high time too, as summertime is yet to go ashore. While the scorching weather beats down upon your home, don’t broil in the heat any longer; this season try the trendy and cooling Minka Aire ceiling fans.

It is true that having a swanky ceiling fan in your home has now become a basic requirement because what you choose for your home interiors, displays your style and classiness to those who walk in through your gate. Make the perfect choice when it comes to having a fan for your room as it is an imperative home appliance that one can’t do without. So, it needs to be within your budget and also serve its function.

The Smart Way to Choose a Ceiling Fan

Now the question is what is it that you should be looking for while choosing a ceiling fan for your beautiful domicile? Of course, there are various factors, but just like selecting any other home appliance, like a washer/dryer or a refrigerator, you should consider not only décor and style, but the functionality of the fan as well. Here are various aspects – tangible and intangible, of picking the right ceiling fan for you.

1. Décor: Make sure that the style of ceiling fan complements the décor of the room. Minka Aire ceiling fans come in a wide array of themes and styles and you should narrow down your options at first. A rustic, bronze fan can accent your traditional style bedroom or living room, while palm-leaf fans can make your outdoor or patio look more like the tropical zones. Whatever is the decor, Minka has got a designer fan made for it.

2. Functionality: Contrary to popular belief, ceiling fans are not only for the hot-weather months. Certainly, they serve that extra cooling during summers, but did you know that you can switch on your fan in winters too? That’s right. Minka Aire ceiling fans can help you make the hot air from the heater you use in winters. All you need to do is to reverse the rotation of the blades. Just hit the switch button, and here you go… the blades now move counter clockwise. The reverse option pulls the air instead of pushing it.

3. The Height: When choosing a ceiling fan, do consider the ceiling height. The ideal fan height from the floor should be approximately 8 feet. Many fans have multiple mounting options, allowing them to perform almost anywhere in the home. Do take height of your ceiling to determine what will work best for your space.

4. The Blades: The appearance of a ceiling fan’s blades is actually more of a design feature than a matter of utility or efficiency. The fan’s capacity to shed air is determined by the pitch of the blades, so choose the one that looks best to you.

5. Lighting: To add lighting or not to add lighting in the fan, is the next question. Choosing a ceiling fan with lighting is your personal preference. If the fan is to be installed in an open space or in a space where there is good natural lighting, then buy a ceiling fan without the lighting set. And, if the space uses a boost of general lighting, choose the one with the lighting set.

Finally, do consider a ceiling fan that can have its rotation reversing function. It will provide better cooling during summers and better heating during winters.

Caring for your Fan

Many people avoid cleaning their ceiling fans because they consider just the bottom of fan where no dust can take place. However, regularly cleaning fans is an indispensable part of its maintenance. And, if you ignore doing it, dust and dirt can make your fan noisy, wobbly and can even damage the motor. In addition, the accumulation of dust on the fan can represent a health hazard over time.

Minka Aire Ceiling Fans – World’s Smartest Fans!

Minka Aire ceiling fans are stylish, classic, and efficient. Being a staple of every household, ceiling fans ( have now become a fashion. You can enhance your home decor by contrasting it with furniture or the paint color of your room. Find the suitable pick for your requirements, both indoors and outdoors, living rooms and bedrooms, offices and shops, wherever your requirement is, with the all types of fans. These fans have been engineered for superior performance and to provide maximum comfort even in the biggest rooms. Minka Aire has something for every décor and budget.

Add Charm to Home with Troy Lighting Chandeliers

Troy Lighting chandeliers are a favorite to many people. They often purchase the lighting fixtures for their homes to decorate their spaces in an outstanding way.  Moreover, you can send these illuminations to your dear ones as beautiful house warming gifts. The finesse and gracefulness of these lights lighten up every home with a beguiling charm. Now, how you will make the selection?

Let’s check out a few Troy Lighting chandeliers in this regard:

§ Hand Forged Iron Chandelier – The two-tier iron chandelier displays a burnt finish and hardback linen shades bringing style to every decor. Often the two tier 18-bulb design offers rich illumination. The burnt finish provides a unique shine offering character to the piece. If you are looking for a large chandelier for your dining space, this can be the perfect addition. The light fixture has the capacity to take eighteen 40 watt bulbs with 44″ high and 4′ chain.

§ Deep Bronze Pendant Light Chandelier – This can be the perfect embellishment for your home. The illumination has the power to enhance the beauty of your entryway. The wrought iron pendant adds exclusivity to your room. The lovely collection from Troy Lighting is sure to thrill your loved ones. If you are a lover of exotic pieces, this stunning light can be the right match for your decor. The elegance of this illumination matches any decor in an exquisite style. So, whether you love traditional or modern style, you can get this beautiful piece in bronze finish for heightening the splendor of your home. The hand-worked wrought iron construction often is available with a gorgeous deep bronze finish. Besides, the eight tiered lights add charm to the center glass for providing a beautiful effect. The light fixture comes with eight 60-watt candelabra base bulbs of 31″ high and 5 1/2″ wide Canopy.

§ Wide 6-Light Chandelier from Troy – The round chandelier is an excellent blend of classic Spanish design with modern glass and finishes. The six light chandeliers offer a confident look with stunning materials and inspirational design. The frame of the illumination is created with hand-worked wrought iron in a rich bamboo bronze finish. Natural slate finished accent adds extra visual appeal. Besides, Bamboo glass offers warm lighting, completing the attractive fixture. The light can be a wonderful choice for your dining tables, entryways, living rooms and lots more. This can take six 60 watt bulbs. Shop for Troy Lighting chandeliers and bedeck your home in a dazzling way.

§ Wide Silver Gold Pendant – This is available in wrought iron frame. You can buy this contemporary pendant light from industrial style for creating a distinct charm to your space. So, whether your home has a traditional appeal, transitional look or contemporary feel, this aged silver and golden pendant will elude a magical charm to your decor. Choose this hand-worked wrought iron pendant chandelier to make a beguiling focal point before your guests. This illumination has an open curved design surrounded with off-white hardback linen drum shade. The fashionable and modern light offers the perfect blend of style and function. This Troy Lighting collection can take five 60-watt candelabra bulbs.

§ Wide Rust Shine Pendant Chandelier – If you want an industrial feel at your space, you can go for this wide rust shine pendant chandelier from Troy Light. The five-light pendant illumination with rust shine finish and metal shade adds an old-world rustic appeal to the most modern homes. The light fixture evokes a hand crafted unique rustic quality. You can place this illumination in your kitchen and walkways to accentuate the simple and minimalistic space in an easy way. The hand-worked iron construction is made to last for a long time. So, you can be assured of its durability. The shiny collection from Troy Lighting comes with five maximum 60 watt or equivalent medium base light bulbs. This includes a width of 32″, height of 25 3/4″ and a 4-ft. chain.

§ 3-Light Silver Gold Pendant Chandelier – This is another magnificent collection to win over any lover of beauty. The classic contemporary style provides significant elegance to a modern decor and smartens up the space in an exclusive way. Irrespective of whether you stay in a traditional or contemporary home, the silver finish chandelier smartens up your decor exquisitely. Created with hand-made wrought iron, the open curve design case is encircled in a cylindrical, hardback linen shade. The superb modern light offers the right poise for a smart home entry area.

Opt for the best Troy Lighting chandeliers and smarten up your home in an attractive way.

Seagull Lighting Pendants for Delightful Interiors

Pendants Will Suite All Spaces

Pendants are functional and beautiful despite their size. One can use the same to spread pleasing light in the interior spaces. Moreover, by installing pendants you can enhance the beauty of the space significantly. Even a dull area gets life when you fix a strikingly designed pendant. Pragmatically, pendant lighting will perfectly blend in with almost all spaces. You can find many pendant variants such as one- light, two- lights, three- lights, etc. This range gives you the option to pick the right one for either residences or commercial structures.

Go for Seagull Lighting Pendants

When searching for pendants, it is natural that one will prefer to see an extensive collection of items so that they can pick the most suitable one. You must look for leading brands because the materials used for the production of such items will be genuine and the applied manufacturing techniques will be purely professional. Hence, the lighting fixtures will be durable and you will get the same kind of radiation light throughout the entire time.

The light requirements within a building will differ and hence you must look into a wide variety of items to choose from. Whether it is a chandelier, pendant, spot light, floor lamp or any other type of light fixture that you are looking for, looking into different ranges will help you in our selection. Besides, you must check out several models with varied shapes and sizes. The practical significance of Seagull lighting pendants becomes discernible here; you can find numerous models. The company has an extensive experience in the lighting business; they are in this particular line for more than three and a half decades.

A prime fact to note is that Seagull Lighting pendants will not jeopardize the overall compactness or damage the aesthetic beauty of the space. These pendants come in various patterns and colors, without being excessively conventional or highly ultramodern. There are various models under this brand: from big centerpiece pendants that have attractive glass bowl shades, to tiny models that will fit the bill for smaller areas. In fact, the space becomes irrelevant here; whether it is for the bar top, the kitchen, hallway, foyer, balcony, or bedrooms, Seagull lighting pendants is a perfect match for home decor.

Due to the availability of different shapes, dimensions, and patterns, you can fix Seagull pendants in almost all places. The related space will attain a pristine nature, thus, amplifying the elegance of the overall ambience. Your task becomes more or less affordable when you opt for these light fixtures. What is more, you can avail handcrafted models also. Yet another notable trait of this brand is that you can find elaborately designed intricate model pendants.

Buy Seagull Lighting Pendants Online

The easiest way to shop light fixtures is to do it online. The most convenient aspect is that you can buy all of your light fixtures from a single seller. When you opt for the traditional shopping method by going to every shop in search of the special lighting solution, you will have to spend a lot of time and energy. Moreover, it will be practically impossible to approach all the dealers. Nevertheless, when you shop online, you can visit the web portals of numerous vendors and can get a clear picture of the available products and the price tags. Consequently, you can go for the best available option. Apart from this, you will also get excellent monetary benefits by way of trade volume discounts and facilities such as free packing and shipping.

Decorative Lighting Fixtures from Minka Lavery

An artist would see beauty in everything and likewise only few lighting manufacturers can see the beauty hidden within lighting fixtures. There are only a few lighting manufacturers in the US who can visualize a lighting fixture as a decorative item. Only a few are equipped with the equipment and skill to design, visualize and manufacture beautiful lighting fixtures that can be used for interior decor. While there is an increasingly growing demand for well-decorated and well-lit homes, it is the manufacturers like Minka Lavery, who understand the need of the hour and rightly manufacture the fixtures the customers of today desire. Read on to know more about the wide array of lighting products from the company and what are the things that make Minka Lavery one of the best in the country.


The company mainly specializes in the manufacture of traditional, transitional and contemporary styles of lighting fixtures. All the three styles are way different from one another and speak a different language of their own. While a few homeowners might love traditional fixtures with rustic metallic bodies, there are a few homeowners who desire modern/contemporary fixtures that are minimalist in their shape and form. Minka Lavery caters to all kinds of customer tastes by giving equal importance to each style manufactured under the brand.

Secondly, the lighting manufacturer makes both indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures. Be it bathroom, bedroom, living room or kitchen, fixtures for every part of the interior is manufactured. Wall sconces, flush lights, pendants, semi-pendants, chandeliers, island lights, reading lamps, table lamps, accent lamps and floor lamps are few of the most popular indoor lighting products manufactured by Minka Lavery. Outdoor lights are available in a number of variants, namely post mount, wall mount, chain hung and rod hung fixtures. Most of the outdoor lights manufactured by the company are rustic in nature and well equipped with bright, energy efficient LED bulbs.

Apart from lights, Minka Lavery also manufactures beautiful and efficient ceiling fans for indoor use. Designed to be both functional and decorative at the same time, these fans can be used as centerpieces in living and dining rooms.

Things That Make Minka Lavery One of the Best

There are many aspects about the manufacturer that make it one of the best lighting brands in the country. A few are as mentioned below.

1. Design

Given that Minka Lavery is known for its decorative lighting fixtures, design is certainly the most stressed thing in the company. From traditional to transitional to contemporary, the company knows its audience and their style. Skilled designers, craftsmen and artists work together on each fixture as if it were some art form and give high emphasis to detail and grandeur of the fixture. Moreover, each design is unique and has its own story to tell.

2. Finish

Not only design and detail, but finish is also of great importance when we are talking about decorative lighting fixtures. Minka Lavery uses a wide array of metallic finishes on its products and few popular ones include brass, bronze, chrome, copper, gold, nickel, platinum, rust, silver, stone and wood.

3. Energy Efficiency

Lighting fixtures indeed consume a lot of electricity and there is a great need to make them as energy efficient as possible. Minka Lavery considers energy efficiency as a priority in its products and hence, most of the products manufactured under the brand have an Energy Star rating.

4. Use of LEDs

Adding to the above point, the manufacturer uses LED light sources in all of its fixtures as they consume very small amounts of electricity and give out the maximum output. Special emphasis is given on LED outdoor fixtures as these lights are lit for a longer duration and require a lot of electricity for the kind of brightness they provide. In fact, LED lights are brighter and more focused when compared to fluorescent and incandescent bulbs.

5. Diversity

Lastly, the thing that makes Minka Lavery one of the best lighting manufacturers in the country is the effort they put to reach out to a great set of diverse audiences. From indoor to outdoor lighting, traditional to contemporary lighting, the manufacturer is well equipped with skill, ideas and materials to please customers of all tastes and kinds.

Create Pleasing Interiors Using Modern Lamps

Modern Lamps

In this day and age, lighting task is not only for giving mere, basic illumination to the space concerned, but also for pouring in extra beauty and brilliance all over the place. Nowadays, people generally take the overall aesthetic appearance of the fixtures into consideration, along with the overall capacity to give the proper kind of brightness and the energy consumption level.

While choosing modern lamps, you should be very much prudent. There are various brands of lighting fixtures in the current market; in fact, you will surely get confused because of the plethora of numerous brands and models of the same. The main thing you must ensure is to buy your lighting requirements from a leading online store that store abundant quantities of branded models. This will give you the chance to view the details of various items, from which you can pick the appropriate ones for your specific need.

The main companies that give special focus in the creation of modern lamps are George Kovacs, ET2 Lighting, Trend Lighting, ELK Lighting, Dimond Lighting, Sonneman Lighting, and DVI Lighting. All of these brands have exclusive bands of modern light fixtures that are fit using for all types of lighting tasks. There are diverse types of lighting fixtures that come under the tag of modern lamps. This includes magnificent chandeliers, well-designed pendant lights, extremely swanky wall and bath sconces, bath bars, mirror lights, table lamps, and floor lamps.

Floor Lamps

The use of floor lamps has become par for the course of contemporary interior decoration works. You can use them to illuminate any specific place; however, you must take care not to overuse them and must make the overall ambiance shipshape.

Select Proper Floor lamps

Though there are no generic rules regarding the selection of table lamps, of course, you can adhere to some basic policies. You can take the size and significance of the place where you are going to fix them. However, the shade of the lamp should have a proportionate size as that of the lamp base. The shape can be anything like small, big, square, round, oval, etc.; the only thing that you will have to make sure that it fits well with the surrounding region, and produces smooth illumination. At any rate, the product must display a trendy look; only then, you will be able to shower extra cuteness within the space concerned.

Picking a Proper Floor Lamp Easily

You must select the floor lamps sensibly. The main things that you should bear in mind while picking a floor lamp are the overall importance of the place where you are going to fix the same, the correct dimension of the usable portion of the space, and the exclusivity and allure of the furniture that stays within. You can get these model lamps in various styles and shapes.

Assess the positioning of the furniture before selecting a piece; floor lamps must blend in with the overall settings and space adjustments of the place. Remember that you can bring in diversity by placing trendy floor lamps amidst traditional furniture and vice versa.

If you are for giving uniformity across the various interior areas, you will have to choose your light fixtures accordingly. In this case, always try to spread the same amount of light all over the place. In case you are interested in bringing in a typical dissimilarity within, you must always try to use a good mix of different types of light fixtures. You will have to use relevant floor lamps ( also. The present-day markets hold myriads of floor lamps, and hence, apply prudence while selecting the pieces.

Buying Trendy Floor Lamps

These days, it is quite easy to buy all kinds of products; it is possible to procure almost all items through online methods. In fact, online shopping is rather easy, when compared to the traditional purchasing method; the process is completely effortless, and you will need only less time for the same. For buying your lighting requirements online, the main thing you will have to do is to find out a reliable trader. The company must be an experienced one, as only experienced traders will be able to guide you properly; this is all the more true as far as the purchase of light fixtures are concerned.

Benefits of Buying from the Websites of Leading Traders

You can enjoy certain benefits when you buy through the website of experienced dealers. The benefits include back guarantee, trade/volume discounts, free shipping, and technical advice.

Elegant Casablanca Ceiling Fans for Beautiful Interiors

Ceiling fans are one of the most commonly used household products, found in every home and every office. It is a great feat by a brand or manufacturer to stand out from other manufacturers and transform itself into a household name for quality and ingenuity. Ceiling fans are normally expected to be functional and nothing more is often desired from them. But Casablanca Ceiling Fans is one such manufacturer which dares to think beyond functionality and manufacture ceiling fans as grand centerpieces for beautiful interiors. A household name in the ceiling fan industry, ceiling fans from Casablanca Ceiling Fans are a personal favorite of both interior designers and homeowners. Here’s everything you need to know about the manufacturer and its amazing products.


The manufacturer is one of the oldest names in the ceiling fan industry and also one of the most popular ones. Started in 1974 by Burton A. Burton with belt driven ceiling fans for commercial purposes, the manufacturer has come a long way through the many number of decades till the present day. A lot has changed over this course of time, including the technology, people’s mindset and the interior design preferences. However, Casablanca Ceiling Fans has never failed to adapt to the changing times or the changing mindset. Its products are mostly known for their ingenious designs and breathtaking grandeur. As told before, the manufacturer set a benchmark in the production of ceiling fans, as it just didn’t manufacture fans, but it manufactured great centerpieces or interior décor items along with it. Apart from its innovative designs, there are a lot of other factors that make Casablanca one of the finest ceiling manufacturers in the world. Here is a list of those good reasons which are responsible for the manufacturer’s widespread popularity today.

1. Functionality

Apart from focusing on the look and design of the fans, engineering is another aspect that Casablanca Ceiling Fan masters over. Having a team of brilliant engineers, the manufacturer ensures to include the best of the best electric motors, which are also the quietest. Even the design of the fans is aimed at making them more functional as the fan blades are designed in such a way that they deliver the maximum airflow at any given speed.

2. Energy Efficiency

With the increase in energy efficient technologies, all electric equipment, right from electric bulbs to ceiling fans (, are expected to be energy efficient today. Likewise, fans from Casablanca Ceiling Fans are very efficient in their functionality and also given an ENERGY STAR rating for their high efficiency in utilizing the available power. Energy efficient fans will use the least energy and give out maximum output for affordable prices.

3. Elegance

Best ceiling fans from Casablanca Ceiling Fans are extremely popular for their innovative and beautiful designs. Comprising a team of skillful engineers and talented designers and craftsman, the manufacturer ensures that all of its fans are elegant and beautifully designed. Heavy emphasis is given on the little details that often go unnoticed, thus keeping the design of the fan as elegant and as grand as possible. As mentioned above, the fans are also designed to be extremely efficient in their functionality and not just look attractive.

4. Customization

This is one of the most important features of Casablanca Ceiling Fans as the manufacturer prefers to hear out its customers before designing and manufacturing the fans. A lot of the fans manufactured under the brand are customized to user preferences and taste. This makes the manufacturer a competitive and user friendly brand, capable of meeting new challenges and executing all forms of orders.

5. User Friendly

There are a lot of user friendly factors in the ceiling fans manufactured by Casablanca Ceiling Fans, thus making them the best in the market. To start with, they are designed to meet the user preferences and designed to be cost saving and energy efficient. Secondly, Casablanca Ceiling Fans offers a lifetime warranty on all of its products, along with the highest degree of repair and replacement support. Lastly, to keep the fans as maintenance free as possible, the manufacturer ensures to equip the fans with lifetime lubricated precision balls for a problem and maintenance free performance for a long time.

Achieve Exclusive Contemporary Interior Decor with ET2 Lighting

ET2 Lighting collections are contemporary in every sense of the term. With artistic blend of luxurious finishes, fine lines, smooth delicate surfaces and creative shapes these lights have the power to completely transform an ambience from ordinary to exquisite. It is with this lighting range intelligent design always converges with exclusive and sophisticated style by utilizing an array of decorative elements. From delicate translucent crystals to beautiful sculpted glass to smooth metal finishes to visually lucid and appealing fluid chrome, there are too many great elements that make ET2 so powerful choice for interior decor. Besides proving satisfactory to a wide range of emotions and sensibilities they are extremely powerful lighting solutions to bath any interior with light.

The story behind the brand

The strong commitment to make style converge necessity that made this brand one of the most coveted lighting solution world over until today is visible in all its lighting collections. The brand started more than a decade ago in 2004 and since then, it has created a niche in the world of lighting fixtures. Some of the common attributes that made this brand world famous includes simplicity, clean design, and classic look. While these hallmarks continue to thrive with every ET2 light it is also widely known for its functional focus in providing light for every audience. Many of its lights are regarded as beautiful and timeless masterpieces ranging from cabinet lights to chandeliers to lamps and outdoor lights. It offers an array of contemporary European designer lights in exceptional style and fascinating design.

Exuberant contemporary style

ET2 lights are widely regarded for their matchless styles that can easily be considered as classic, elegant and also aristocratic in some cases. The typical idiosyncratic way of creating a style statement is what makes ET2 Lighting so unique. From the gorgeous looking classic chandeliers to exquisite designer lamps to elegant cabinet lighting range to handcrafted pendants for ceilings all lights either offer a quintessentially modern and avant-garde feeling or a vintage lighting ambience. The sophistication and decorative elements of this lighting range remain unmatched as one cannot find such a range that incorporates so many stylistic elements into one.

Massive product line

As far as the choice and range is concerned there is not a dearth of options to satisfy any taste and lighting requirement and this wide expansive variety is primarily the biggest strength of this lighting range. There is multiple lighting options for any interior and rooms with diverse settings and possible requirement of light. One has an expansive choice of chandeliers (, pendants, mini pendants, ceiling lights, wall scones, bath collections, lamp shades and outdoor lights. Depending on the typical preference of collection, finish or style statement one can make a choice for the interior or outdoor lighting needs. With a diversity of options that can really be overwhelming for anyone, finding the perfect combination of lights for any premise is really easy with ET2 lighting range.

Why choose ET2 lighting?

ET2 Lighting has an amazing range of designer light solutions that can be suited to every home and interior ambience. From creating a royal look to giving the ambience a chic modern halo with lights, you have all choices of lighting design at your disposal. Moreover, each of these lighting solutions further makes the choice wider with different finishes and choice of materials.

Over the years clean lines and sleek finish made the ET2 Lighting collections so treasured by its customers and admirers. Besides creating the perfect lighting halo to transform an ambience these contemporary lights are capable to amaze anyone at first sight. Sophisticated color and settings coupled up with high quality material and designer elements make these lighting fixtures ideal fit for homes and commercial premises. Moreover, every different lighting collection under this range offers a wide variety of lights for various purposes and interiors.

From bathroom wall scones to foyer chandeliers to outdoor lights to wall lights to exotic lamps and lampshades, you have a stunning range to choose from. If you want to create a unique look and feel with selection of lights in your home or elsewhere there can hardly be a better choice than ET2 Lighting. Lights are often known to turn a dull room into a vibrant place and with ET2 lights one will not only achieve this but will make the lighting a really eye grabbing sensual delight as well. From ambiance lighting to spot lighting to task oriented lighting to decorative lighting, ET2 lighting fixtures can deliver all kinds of lighting effects as per your need.

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