Bed Bug Exterminator: Learn How to Get Rid of Those Irritating Pests

There are several types of insects that you can find in your home – bed bugs are one of those. As a non-flying insect, bed bugs have enormous reproduction capability and can increase their number quickly. These bugs can hide in every corner, furniture items, etc. of your home. You can find them in your wardrobe, apart from your kitchen and bedroom that are prone to accommodate bed bugs.

One thing you need to know that bed bugs tend to make your life measurable. If you find it in the kitchen, it can make your various edible items infected that you consume regularly. As a result, it can impact your health adversely. Besides, if they get inside your bedroom and get into your bed, it will not let you enjoy a sound sleep. On the contrary, it can make your skin itchy, which could be the biggest threat to various skin-related diseases.

Ways to Remove Bed bugs from your Home

No matter which corner of your home accommodates bed bugs, you should put all effort to get rid of them immediately to avoid its repercussion. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can try to remove bed bugs from your home. We are going to figure out where some of the easiest ways to remove bed bugs from your living place or other corners of your home.

1. Find Out all Infested Corners

While making a strategy to remove bed bugs, your first task is to make identification of all those corners of your home that are majorly infested with bed bugs. Getting examination from professional services like bed bug exterminator Ottawa will not only help you in accomplishing your task easier but also its successful completion. These service providers get the help of their dogs to make their inspection job easy.

Be it inside electrical outlets, baseboards, bed frame gap, underneath of wallpaper, painting, or similar items, they keep their eyes on every area while inspecting for bed bugs. They also use high-power light to easily find out the infested areas.

2. Clean Bed bug Infected Areas

Once you successfully identify those areas of your home that are bed bug infected, your next task is now to clean those areas with the use of the right materials. All you need to do is to wash and dry these infested areas. Another most vital task that you need to do is to clean all those fabrics that you use to cover your windows along with the hardware. In the end, never forget to clean the floor of your home and vacuum it to get the best results.

3. Don’t Leave any Room for Bed bugs

Any cracks or gaps in your baseboard, bed, wardrobe or other similar items are the apt places for bed bugs to hide. Professional bed bug extermination Ottawa first finds out these and then fills any such areas with appropriate material to make it hard for bed bugs to hide. Besides, they also ensure that there is no place underneath any posture that improves the appearance of your living place. It’s also crucial to repair any kind of damage in your wallpaper that also gives space to bed bugs to hide.

4. Killing these Insects

It’s advisable to try to kill bed bugs first without using any chemicals. You can of course do it hassle-free with the use of a higher temperature that should be approx 115°F (46°C) or cold temperature can also be appropriate to kill these insects. So, if you are cleaning your bed sheet or other fabrics that cover infested areas, make sure you wash them using hot water for at least half an hour.

It’s good to keep all those items that are infected and not necessary for you in a bag and leave them directly under the sunlight. If you keep the bag in the pool area, you need to spend at least 5 months for letting bed bugs get killed.

5. Monitor the Treated Areas

It’s the right practice to keep your eyes on the areas that you treated for bed bug removal for some days. There may be possibilities that bed bugs can reproduce again. In case, if you find anything like this, you need to repeat the same method.

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