Five Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Septic System Running Smoothly

If you want your septic system to function smoothly for the next 40 years, then all you should do is maintain it regularly. The septic tank maintenance is not a difficult thing to do, just include it in your routine and stay alert if you find anything that is not normal. If you neglect the septic tank maintenance (, then be sure that the system will deteriorate, and you will have to spend a lot of money to repair or replace the whole system.

Therefore, just like how you take care of other elements of your home, right from refinishing floors from time to time, painting the whole house, maintaining the lawn, similarly, you must always consider the septic tank maintenance. And when you do the regular maintenance, then the problems will come forward at early stages and you will be able to fix them before they get any worse. And as a result, you will end up saving a lot of money. Thus, to ease off your worries, here are five septic tank maintenance tips that you must follow for a smooth run.

#1 Look out for leaky faucets

Let’s get into the basics here. If you are seeing any leaky faucets or toilets in the house, then immediately call a plumber and get it fixed. You must know that leaky faucets and toilets result in wastage of water on a larger scale and then it puts pressure on the septic system. Thus, you will be doing two things here, maintaining your septic system and saving the water from getting wasted.

#2 Regular pumping

According to experts, it is recommended that a septic tank should be pumped every three to five years. If you neglect to pump the septic tank, then the solid wastes will accumulate in the tank and after some time start overflowing and the sludge could seep directly into the drainage area. Your drainage system must be clear and for that pumping out the septic tank regularly is a must-do task on your list.

#3 Get the inspection done

Checking any issues in the septic system is not a layman’s job. To ensure that everything is fine, only a septic expert is needed. Thus, you need to schedule inspections almost every year to avoid any major issues. By getting an inspection done, you will be able to tap the issues at an early stage and spend less on the repairs.

#4 Never touch the drain field

The drain field is the area where the wastewater from your septic system gets distributed into the soil and then is followed by dispersing into the environment. This drain field is located a few meters from your home. You should make sure not to build anything over it or park your car there or do any kind of construction over your septic system. Concrete, Asphalt, Framing, or Deck would hinder your access to these places. If you build any structure there, it will start to generate pressure on the tanks and pipes of the system and damage as the water will not have a place to get drained. This will disturb the whole functioning of both the systems, make sure that you are not letting the excess water flow over the drain field.

#5 Try not to flush other things than toilet paper

Remember that your toilet is not a dustbin and you should always be careful of what you are flushing down the toilet. Many items never dissolve or decompose and choke up the inlets and outlets. And if you are doing so, you will have to pump out the septic tank quite often. Therefore, apart from the toilet paper, never flush anything. This will keep the septic tank in good health.

It is simple to maintain your septic system by just following some simple maintenance tips and scheduling timely inspections. There are going to be issued sooner or later, but if you are following a regime, then those issues are going to be extremely minor and will be resolved in a jiffy. In the end, it is all about practicing good habits!

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