How Often Does an Air Conditioner Need Service?

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You must have already heard that it is significant to service your AC regularly or at least yearly. Contractors for air conditioner service Jacksonville FL make it a norm for offering preventive maintenance every spring, before the summer season. AC works 24*7 to keep you cool. Thus, it requires regular maintenance or cares to operate near to the company’s intended specifications.

How Often Does an AC Need A Professional Service?

There are numerous other things that you could do yourself as a house owner, but you should always consult a professional AC servicing company for the regular tune-up of the HVAC system. They include the required expertise and experience for keeping your system running for many more years to come.

What is the best time to Service your AC?

Experts suggest servicing your Air Conditioner at least once a year. Spring is the best time to do this servicing. However, to make sure that your system is working efficiently, you require doing some housekeeping regularly.

What Does a Professional AC servicing Company do During the Servicing?

Below are some of the things that a professional company for Air Conditioner service in Jacksonville, FL will check during their maintenance process.

Calibration of Thermostat

Always ensure that the thermostat is operating correctly. If the thermostat is damaged, the machine will not cool the room efficiently. The experienced AC technician will test and calibrate the thermostat to make sure it is working precisely. They will also ensure that the thermostat is away from any source of heat.

Lubrication of the moving parts

An air conditioner consists of numerous moving parts that require regular lubrication. Without proper lubrication, they will grind themselves and will thus be the reason for permanent damage. The professional team will oil down every vital part, like the motor and the central fan. Since they have immense knowledge in this process, they can lubricate the machine without implementing excessive oil.

Blockage in the filters

A filter is one of the significant components of the AC. But a blocked or damaged filter will pass away the dirt and the debris from the surroundings to the room inside. It will affect the overall health of the user. But an AC expert will identify the blocked area in the filter and clear them without difficulty. They will also replace it if the correct time has come for substituting it.

Condensate Drain Line

The condensate drain line removes the moisture gathered within the evaporator coil that converts the humidity into water. If the condensate line becomes blocked or clogged, it might cause leakages. It will also lead to the formation of mold and moisture formation. A professional AC technician will ensure that your line is free of cracks or leaks. They will also repair them and prevent your machine from future damage.

Electrical Connection

One of the best advantages of hiring a specialized expert for AC is they know all about the machine’s electrical connection. He will check if all the wiring is in place to prevent any potential fire hazards. The company will also ensure that all the wires are correctly insulated and tightened.

Inspect the Coil

A dirty coil will not perform efficiently and will put unnecessary stress on the AC. It might also lead to malfunctioning in the future and enhance the electricity bill. The expert AC professional will eliminate the debris and dirt from the coil so that the entire system can operate smoothly. He will also examine and clean the evaporator coil to ensure that it is performing perfectly.

When does a Professional AC servicing Company require to do the servicing?

When you have turned the unit on and suddenly hear a strange noise coming from it, it is time to call for professional help. The earlier you call them, the lesser will be the damage to the unit. The professionals will not only give the machine a thorough checkup but will also identify the problem and fix it.

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