How Often You Need to Get Septic Tank Pumping Done

Septic tank pumping is crucial for every home to help house owners retain the system in a long run and is reported to be the most economical way of maintaining the reservoir of the home. A very critical reason to flush out the septic tank frequently is it holds good for personal hygiene.

When the septic tank overflows, the drainage starts mixing with the drinking water, which may be a big threat to your health. So, seeking help from a professional cleaner will get the job done hassle-free to embrace the system for longer and to lead a disease-free life.

Which is the Desirable time of the year to flush the sewage?

Water flushed out from the septic tank does not go a long way. It gets stored in a separate tank until a professional cleaner comes and empties it. It is the sole responsibility of the house owner to fix appointments with service experts to preserve the system by avoiding any stinking smell and promises the system’s longevity.

Winter is not a good time to pump the waste because the ground is wet, and the technician finds it challenging to reach the bottom of the tank. The best time to pump is during summer as the surface remains dry, and the professional can carry out the flushing easily.

How often your need to Pump?

Flushing a septic tank is dependent on various factors, but it is mainly advised to clean the tank for three to five years. A critical factor that decides the frequency of septic tank pumping is the number of families using it and how often they are using it. If the headcount is more, the usability is more which means cleaning for every three years is mandatory to survive a healthy life.

The size of the septic tank also accounts for the cleaning. It is presumed that small tanks fill up quickly and recommended to check their condition with the help of a plumber to ensure it is functioning normally. During such inspection, plumbers might inform the house owners if there is a need for pumping out the waste from the septic tank. If you have an extensive tank, then an in-depth cleaning must be done every three to five years.

What are the consequences of not cleaning the Septic Tank?

If the septic tank is not properly flushed out at regular intervals after it reaches its capacity, then there are chances that it may block the main outlet pipe. This may cause reverse water flow into the house, including drainage water that smells bad and infects people. A full tank can cause the drain field to be saturated, resulting in water flow on the surface.

Get in touch with a plumber in and around your area to fix an appointment, detect any issues in the sewage line like leakage, and fix it immediately. Inhaling the contaminated water is unhygienic and leads to other health ailments for people within the household.

How the Cleaning Process Works?

Septic tank pumping is a process that eliminates all the debris via equipment that reaches the tank’s base. It is done as a safety precaution to avoid any pipe blocks that connect to the drain field. It is recommended to avail services from a skilled plumber who can handle it professionally.

A hose is passed into the tank, emptied with vacuum equipment, and stored in the truck. Another expert will inspect the tank for any solid waste and removes it. As soon as the pumping is done, the tank will be thoroughly cleaned following which plumbers take care of repairs if required.

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