Importance of Hiring Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning Service

The grease trap is an important component in a commercial kitchen or that of a restaurant. It prevents grease, fats, and oils from making their way into sewage lines or septic systems. When not cleaned in a timely manner, the FOGs cool and solidify, thus adhering to plumbing lines and trapping particles, ultimately clogging the entire pipeline and causing backflow into the kitchen sink or dishwashing appliances. A commercial grease trap cleaning company can help perform routine cleaning tasks necessary for proper upkeep of grease traps. Here are some reasons why you need to hire them.

Well equipped to do the job

While it is possible to clean the grease trap yourself, a commercial cleaning service can often do a better job. A professional service provider carries with them the necessary equipment and has sufficient know-how and expertise to get the job done faster and more efficiently. Where a disposal of grease trap waste needs to be made in designated zones, these companies typically carry the required permits and licenses necessary to do so. This helps you stay compliant with local laws.

More efficient kitchens

Regular cleaning of commercial grease traps helps keep pipes, appliances, and sewage lines working properly. Grease traps that are not cleaned regularly can result in the build-up, causing the dishwasher and kitchen sink water to back up or cause water-logging within the kitchen premises. It also causes the appliances to use more power to run a cleaning cycle and take up more time, all of which contribute to increased running costs for the restaurants.

Avoid penalization

Grease trap cleaning is necessary not only for smooth functioning but also because it is required by regulations. While the exact requirements may vary from city to county and state, routine grease trap cleaning is necessary so that you can continue operating your commercial kitchen or restaurant. Though many health codes and regulations do not specify the frequency with which the cleaning needs to be performed, when the inspector arrives, you will need to produce proof and documentation that the grease trap has been cleaned. A commercial grease trap cleaning company can not only provide professional cleaning services but also necessary documents for such inspection purposes.

Prevent safety issues

A clogged grease trap or one that causes overflow can pose a threat to your business as filthy kitchens of foul-smelling surroundings are a put off to customers. The trouble sometimes isn’t limited to your restaurant but also other businesses surrounding yours. When such a mishap occurs, you may need to pay hefty fines or settlements against the damage caused. Routine cleaning by employing the services of a commercial grease trap cleaning company can help avoid such problems and avert unnecessary losses and expenses of this kind.

Perform preventive maintenance

When restaurant owners consider commercial grease trap cleaning service, they often only pay attention to removing grease build and scrubbing the traps and covers clean. However, a professional grease trap cleaning company can do much more. They can create a routine cleaning schedule and adhere to it so that you will never have to worry about delayed or missed cleaning jobs. Additionally, they can perform maintenance tasks on your grease trap, like inspect the sides, baffles, covers, and other parts for signs of wear and tear or damage. They can also alert you and possibly help fix issues with plumbing or pipes that drain out into the grease trap, thus ensuring that the appliances and drainage from them function smoothly. Such preventive maintenance jobs not only helps avoid unpleasant situations from faulty or failed grease traps but also saves you money that may otherwise be lost from the replacement of parts or the shutdown of business to repair or replace dysfunctional equipment.

If you are a restaurant owner or someone with a commercial kitchen, it is best to employ the services of a professional grease trap cleaner. Doing so will save you not just the effort required to clean the system but also the money that may be incurred on poorly done jobs. It will also keep your kitchen running at its best, all the while providing a pleasant experience to the guests who come visiting.

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