Light Up Your Home with Interior and Exterior Light Fixtures from Norwell Lighting

We all want light fixtures that work well and at the same time look delightful to the eyes.  And it is exactly this balance of practicality and good looks what Norwell is known to offer its consumers. With the hangover of colonial enterprises that survived for decades all over the world, we still find its eminence and aura mesmerizing. Based in New England, the company is built upon the motto of reinterpreting England’s colonial and sea-faring traditions and transforming it into light fittings that adapt to modern taste.

With decades of experience, Norwell Lighting brings you the best of both worlds – modern design and colonial theme. With this blend of two generations and trust of its brand name, one can only be more than satisfied while choosing a product from Norwell Lighting. Here are some of the features that make this brand so popular:

•  Wide Range of Products

Norwell lighting is one of the most popular names in lighting world and is widely known for its experience and innovative designs. The company has witnessed changing dynamics of science and technology and has been a spectator to the shift from traditional handcrafted fixtures to machine manufactured precision. They offer a wide range of products, including sconces, outdoor fittings, chandeliers, pendants and bathroom accessories. These products are designed to fit your modern house and completely transform its look.

•  Unique and Innovative Designs

For more than 75 years, Norwell is well-known for its innovative and unique designs. All the products offered by the brand not only serve their functional purpose effectively, but enhances the aesthetic appeal of the area as well.

•  Advanced Technology

The innovators, designers, technicians and the craftsmen, all work in unison at Norwell to manufacture light fittings that are better than the rest. They use advanced technology and imaginative designs to bring out innovative and new product ranges each season. They use strictly solid brass to manufacture all their fittings that are both durable and elegant.

•  Global Standing

Global reach is a symbol and mark of worldwide stability and trust. The fittings need to be carefully designed, with continuous and careful attention to every detail in order to satisfy customers from all across the globe. Norwell has achieved this by ensuring that each of its fixtures is given individual and unparalleled attention.

•  Commercial Experience

In addition to being involved in both interior and exterior light fixtures, the company also deals in commercial lighting. ILEX Architectural Lighting ( Davis Muller Lighting are its commercial lighting lines. They have also designed fixtures for various world-known brands like The Four Seasons, Abercrombie & Fitch, Victoria’s Secret and Capital One Bank.

•  Functionality

While buying the light fixtures for your house, one needs to take care of various factors like type of illumination, wattage requirement, complementing styles, suitable colors, etc. The look and feel of the light fittings plays a crucial role in affecting its functionality. Norwell offers various product ranges to suit different illumination needs. For instance, while the bedroom light fixtures should focus more on ambient and accent lighting, bathroom and kitchen fittings need to stress on task lighting requirements.

•  Durability

The light fittings installed in the house stay there for decades to come. Therefore, it is crucial that they are durable and sturdy. Norwell Lighting uses European castings to ensure longevity of their fixtures. Traditionally, European castings are believed to be aesthetically most pleasing and also the most long-lasting form of brass manufacturing. They are used by all reputed lighting brands to allow their light fittings to endure all weather conditions and stay intact for a longer duration of time.

•  Multiple Finish Options

Norwell offers various finishes like aged brass, architectural bronze, brushed chrome, black, brushed nickel, bronze, chrome, copper, galvanized, gun metal, oil rubbed bronze, polished nickel, pewter, sienna and verde. With so many varied finishes for you to choose from, you can surely find fittings that will accentuate the look of your room and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the house.

There is a reason – in fact many reasons – why Norwell Lighting is an industry leader in the field of contemporary light fittings. So choose Norwell for all your lighting needs and make your house look spectacular.

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