Reasons to Have Mesh Tote Bags in Your Home

None of us are oblivion to the fact that plastic bags are heinous for health and the environment. According to biological diversity Org, plastic bags that were initially used as fossil fuels have ended up as obsolete waste dumped in the landfills and oceans. Not only birds and animals, but over 267 species in total have been affected by plastics. However, contrary to reality, plastic bags were invented by a Swedish engineer named Sten Gustaf Thulin in 1959, to save the planet. It was developed to replace paper bags that led to the chopping of trees.

However, what was invented as a savior has turned into a threat to the planet in the present time. That arises the need to replace it with a better alternative that is safe and protective for the environment. What is the viable replacement for plastic bags, and why use them?

The answer is mesh tote bags, which are popular among retailers and the public in general. If Mesh bags have flamed your curiosity, this article will surely prove to be an ideal stop to know why you should replace your old plastic bags with bags made of Mesh Cotton for grocery shopping.

What are Tote Bags?

Tote bags are large woven bags with parallel handles to manage weight and vast space to store things. It is available in different variants mesh bags, jute bags, woven bags, cotton bags, etc. that are also reusable shopping bags. However, it is the tote bag made of Mesh that has been an ideal pick. Why is it so, and what are the reasons?

Let’s sneak into some of the reasons to use Mesh Bags:

Large Storage Space

Each household has a separate room of bags that is filled with more bags. Apart from taking too much space, they also happen to be an eyesore. The bunch of plastic bags that lie idle underneath your sink or cupboard cause a lot of inconveniences. So, why not replace it with mesh bags reusable and clears out space for storing other items.

Expandable and free of breakage

Unlike a plastic bag that would end up getting torn when filled with too much stuff, a mesh tote bag tends to be expandable. It can carry a maximum of load up to 8 kgs that make it quite flexible and bearable. So even when you purchase a large quantity of fruits or vegetables, there is no fear of the bag getting torn, thereby leaving you all embarrassed.

Who doesn’t love a reusable bag?

Compared to plastics, mesh bags have a thicker layer. Besides, you may have to carry multiple plastic bags to carry all the stuff. Mesh bags form the best alternative and can carry all extra materials without the need to carry along extra bags.

The Three Rs of Saving the Planet

Do you know the three magical R’s that speak volumes for environmental health? Well, Reduce, Recycle and Reuse are the three magic words that give households all the more reasons to replace the bunch of plastic bags with mesh bags. Tote Bags made of Mesh are affordable, reduces the use of plastic, and is convenient to use.

Multipurpose bags for all situations

Mesh bags are made of organic cotton that are tied together in the form of strings. It is attached to a big handle that are strong to hold all the items in one place. These are quite tough in the place of a plastic bag that is often weak to carry too much weight. That makes it the perfect alternative to replace your old plastic bag and embrace mesh bags, an ideal pick for taking along for shopping, grocery shopping, beaches, and almost any trip.

Go Green, save your eco and ecology with the best Tote Mesh Bags

Invest in reusable tote bags made of Mesh. Affordable, economical, and eco-friendly, Tote bags made of Mesh are not only fashionable but also the best alternative to contribute to saving the planet. Contrary to the thought that attractive and delicate, mesh tote bags are beautiful and tough and handy for use across different occasions. They serve as best gifts for croporate gifting too. So, take a step towards saving the planet by appreciating the consumption of eco-friendly mesh bags.

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