Reasons Why Septic Tank Cleaning is Important?

The septic tank in your home in Houston, Texas plays an important role in storing and segregating wastes that flow into from the household. It consists of three layers – the topmost scum, which is organic waste matter, the central effluent or liquid that can be treated and let into a drain field, and the bottom sludge, which is inorganic solids. Over time and with constant usage, the levels of solid within the septic tank can go up and affect decomposition and proper functioning. This can lead to costly repairs and replacements. A routine septic tank cleaning Houston Texas home can prevent such disasters while also providing you other benefits. Here is a look at some important reasons why timely cleaning of septic systems is important.

# 1 – Prevent clogs and backflow

The solids that build up within the septic tank, when not removed on time can cause much trouble. Firstly, it can prevent new waste from entering the tank as the system is already filled. Secondly, the sewage can flow back into the inlet pipes and plumbing systems in your house. When either of this happens, the pipes get clogged or wastewater begins to leak out of them through bathroom drains, toilets, kitchen sinks, and so on. Removing the sludge from septic tanks prevents such mishaps and keeps your home mess-free.

# 2 – Keep your surroundings clean

Another trouble with a septic tank that contains a large amount of solid wastes is that it can cause bacteria containing sewage to leak out into the drain field. This disrupts the quality of the soil and may even necessitate a repair or complete replacement of the drain field. Contaminated water in the sewage can rise to the ground or get carried by rains into nearby streams or water sources. Pumping out your septic tank regularly protects the surroundings of your home and the environment around it from becoming contaminated or hazardous.

# 3 – Keep away odors

When drain pipes cannot empty into the septic tank or when they get clogged from wastewater that flows back into them, they start emitting foul smells. Such odors can seep into your home through outlets in kitchens, bathrooms, or other places with drainages, turning them stinky. Eventually, they can cause your entire home to smell like a trash can. The same happens with sewage that leaks onto the ground surface as waterlogged soil begins to emit the same foul smell of sewage. Timely septic tank cleaning helps keep away such troubles not just for people inside the house, but those around or passing by it. They also keep your home presentable and in good condition to prospective home buyers, who may otherwise cancel the deal or ask for a reduction in price to compensate for the restoration of the tank if it is faulty.

# 4 – Protect from illnesses

Bacteria ridden wastewater, when it seeps into the inside of your home through clogged or malfunctioning drains, actually poses huge health risks to your family. So does sewage that leaks out of drain fields or the ground. Family members, especially little children or pets who play outdoors can contract serious illnesses from such untreated water. Consequently, untreated wastewater that makes its way into surrounding water bodies affects plant and animal life while posing health hazards to swimmers, anglers, or other people that use the water. By employing regular septic tank cleaning in Houston, you protect not just your family but also your environment from serious illnesses and health hazards.

# 5 – Be a good neighbor

When you choose to clean out the septic tank regularly, you do a service not just to yourself and your family but also to your neighbors. Faulty septic tanks that contaminate the surroundings or emit strong odors can be extremely troublesome to those around you, who may then begin to refer to you like that ‘stinky neighbor’. By opting for a pump put to service, you earn yourself a place in their good books while also being a good and responsible citizen. In short, maintaining the septic tank in your home by cleaning and pumping it out regularly can give you many benefits. It contributes to your home and its surroundings being clean, hazard-free, and with a good property value.

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