Septic Tank Pump Out – How Important is it?

Home maintenance may not really be enjoyable, but the lack of the same can wreak havoc on your living conditions and create problems that result in unnecessarily waste of money, time, and energy. One such activity is pumping out the septic tank at regular intervals. The frequency can vary anywhere between one to three or event five years depending on the size of the tank and the number of people living in your home. However, irrespective of all these, routine pump outs are extremely important for various reasons. Here are a few.

Prevent sewage backup

Sludge refers to the solids that settle down at the bottom of the septic tank. When this layer becomes too high, occupying most of the space in the tank, it can create a blockage in the plumbing system. When this happens, new waste that tries to enter the tank faces a barrier while some of the old waste starts making its way back into the plumbing lines. If not cleaned on time, this can cause the sewage to seep back into the drains and out into the bathrooms, kitchens, drains, toilets, etc., leaving your home contaminated and the plumbing system unusable. Employing a septic tank pump out service helps get rid of such waste on time, thereby preventing blockages and sewage back ups into homes.

Protect your family and pets from illnesses

A septic tank that cannot complete its cycle will often cause sewage and germ-ridden waste to work its way into the drain fields. This can result in leaching as small pools of contaminated water start forming on the surface of the soil. Such polluted water can be the source of many water-borne illnesses, especially when it makes its way into local water streams or wells. By servicing your septic tank on time, you protect your family and pets, who could otherwise come in contact with the contaminated water, from many serious illnesses.

Be a good neighbor

Overflowing septic or one that’s not been pumped out for long can spread odor not just indoors but also outdoors. All those stinky gases that collect inside the tank, when they make their way to open areas can make your home smell like a pile of garbage. The sulfurous and sewage-like smells can be a nuisance not just to you but also those living around you. So, unless you want to be that troublesome neighbor, get your septic tanks pumped out routinely.

Safeguard the ecosystem

Leaky and overflowing septic tank systems can have a lasting negative impact on the ecosystem, and this is something that most people hardly think about. The nitrogen-rich waste and water, when they find their way into local water bodies, help promote undue growth of algae. As algae spread over water bodies, they rid rob native underwater plants of sunlight, thereby stripping water animals of their food source. Additionally, the infested water that seeps into a lake, pool, or river can event make a casual swimmer and the flora and fauna in the water body ill. By using septic tank pump out services, you protect not just your family but also the ecosystem around you.

Save money and give the septic tank a long healthy life

Prevention is the better way out, even when it comes to septic tanks. Pumping out septic tanks in a regular and timely manner helps prevent the system from developing problems. Regular inspection by a pump out service provider can also help fix minor issues on time so that they don’t flare up later. For instance, when the drain field fails, it may take a long while to replace the field. While this happens, you may need to clean up the tank every month until the system is fully functional again. This can result in additional expenses, which could have prevented with routine maintenance. Regular pumping out, by preventing problems, also helps improve the lifespan of septic tanks, sometimes, even well beyond their warranty periods. Pumping out the septic tank may take a day or two of extra effort, but when you invest the time and money when needed, you can stay relaxed for the next couple of years and feel satisfied with maintaining a happy and healthy home.

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