What are the Environmental Benefits of Wood Floors?

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Your home is that place for you where you feel safest and happy. No other place can give you that sense of comfort other than your home. And that is why you put all your efforts and emotions while building every corner of that home. Right from your interiors to home décor, it tells a story about yourself and your family. And these days, not just the home décor but the wood floorings are also one of the preferences that homeowners are opting to add an extra layer of charm, elegance, and style to the look. If you are looking out for wood floors in your area, all you need to do is search for Wood Floors Scottsdale and you will find a lot of good options.

Wood floors are not just about style, but also, they are durable and most importantly hold many environmental benefits. Wood floors have become popular in the last few years among homeowners because they are easy to maintain, budget-friendly, and bring to close to nature. Therefore, if you are considering installing wood floors in your home, do not hesitate as these amazing environmental benefits are going to charm you.

Improved indoor air quality

Most of us do not know the biggest benefit of installing wood floors in our homes. Wood floors are also responsible for improving air quality indoors. Therefore, if you are having young children or elderly people at home, then the wood floor is going to be beneficial in the home as this age group is more prone to air-borne diseases that might be there in the form of dust hidden in the carpet. If you install wood floors, you are reducing the possibility of air-borne diseases.

Sustainable harvesting of wood

As we all are aware that wood is a renewable source of energy and some regulations protect the harvesting of the wood. It is a fact that when a cubic foot of trees are cut down, 1.66 cubic feet of trees are planted to compensate which makes sure that the harvesting time is managed well as the trees grow. Therefore, if you have given the thought of installing wood floors in your home, do not think about deforestation at all and think about the sustainable harvesting of the wood.

Lasts a lifetime

Yes, that’s right! If you take proper precautions and maintenance measures, then the wood floors can last you for the next 100 years as the wood get better and beautiful with age. The wood needs to be refinished from time to time and it will be with you as a good boy. Now you must be having a thought that even tiles and stone flooring can last you for a long time. But the fact is that these tiles cannot be refinished. If any of it breaks, you have to change the entire flooring with a matching set of tiles. Wood floors are durable and easy to maintain and do not show the signs of wear and tear if maintained properly.

Zero carbon footprint

Wood is known to produce oxygen when it is in the process of its growth cycle and when put to use it stores the carbon. This means you are going to have zero carbon emissions that are zero carbon footprint. Therefore, if you are installing wood floors in your house, you are choosing the eco-friendly option for your home and helping in eliminating greenhouse gases.

Less energy and water usage

It is a lesser-known fact that wood uses less water and energy, in turn, you can contribute to water and energy consumption and make the environment greener. Imagine if you are having carpet in your home, how many times you would need to replace it in 50 to 60 years. Instead, if you choose a wood floor, you are done for life. All you will need is the refinishing touches every four to six years.

Even if you feel that your wood floor is damaged or you want to change it then that wood can be used for other purposes like an accent wall or inculcated into some furniture or for any home décor piece. Wood floors are a way to stay near nature and save the environment. Make a little contribution from your side!

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