A Quick Guide for Selecting a Kieninger Mantel Clock

You can’t go wrong with any Kieninger mantel clock. But when you are investing into a brand that is the oldest mechanical clocks manufacturer in the world; it warrants some thoughtful consideration during the selection process.

Here is a quick guide for selecting Kieninger mantel clocks.

The Color and the Material of the Clocks

Kieninger mantel clocks are available in brass cases with silver or gold plating. These also come in different wood finishes such as cherry and walnut. If you like both materials then there are clocks made with a combination of two materials such as walnut and brass.

You can also choose silver or gold for the dial. A Kieninger mantel clock with silver case and dial is ideal for contemporary or traditional décors. It will especially look exceptional in all white or ivory setting. Gold and wood cases are perfect for more traditional decorative styles. Silver and gold metallic cases can also help you create contrasts in living rooms decorated in black or red. The metal can shine from the mantle and radiate the glow to the entire room.

For some contemporary sophistication, choose a Kieninger mantel clock in black lacquered brass frame with a chrome dial. For some extra oomph, look for additional features in glass or steel.

Kieninger mantel clocks also come in colors such as white and red for a bit of design flare in your living room.

The Size, Shape, and Styles of the Clocks

Do you like small mantel clocks that look adorable, say around 6″ x 8″ x 4″? Do you perhaps prefer clocks that are a bit large in size, around 12.5″ x 6.5″ x 5″?

A small clock may not look ideal as a centerpiece on the mantel. But it can work as a collection of accents placed on the mantelpiece. You can use a bit larger clocks as the sole attraction on the mantelpiece without having to worry about wasted space on each side.

You can buy Kieninger mantel clocks in rectangular or dome shapes. You can also buy small and wide clocks without geometric-shaped cases. Mantel clocks with pendulums look like miniature grandfather clocks and are absolutely charming for any setting. Then there are clocks with hand-blown glass domes mounted on wooden platforms for those who like to invest in items that are off-the-beaten-path. Other styles for the pleasure of your selection are glass clocks with foldable handles, walnut-finish clocks with multiple dials, and many models made in the Art Deco style.

You can also choose Kieninger mantel clocks based on the chimes such as traditional tunes or Mozart melodies. You can also choose triple chime tunes such as St. Michael, Whittington, and Westminster.

The Placement of the Clocks

You don’t necessarily need to place a mantel clock on a mantelpiece. Small Kieninger mantel clocks are perfect for corner, side, or study tables. You can use small clocks in bright shades in the children’s room or metal clocks inside the crockery cabinet in the dining room. You can also use mantel clocks of different dimensions to create a layering effect on the mantelpiece or a table.

Use Kieninger mantel clocks to add a touch of luxury in any room. There is nothing haphazard about the placement of these luxurious clocks. Enhance a particular piece of furniture with a clock or use one as an enchanted accent in any room that needs a touch of elegance.

Kieninger mantel clocks are also technical marvels encased in brass or wood. These clocks can become the talking point in any room; of any gathering. Be sure to place them in a way to showcase your taste in classic elegance.

Some More Buying Tips

If you need to know the mechanisms of a clock before making a significant purchase, contact an authorized dealer to know more about movements and special features such as automatic chime shut-offs, warranties, tunes etc. Dealers can also supply you with more information on the movement technology used in Kieninger mantel clocks along with care instructions.

Be sure to check ecommerce stores of authorized dealers for best-price offers on the clocks.

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