Decorative Lighting Fixtures from Minka Lavery

An artist would see beauty in everything and likewise only few lighting manufacturers can see the beauty hidden within lighting fixtures. There are only a few lighting manufacturers in the US who can visualize a lighting fixture as a decorative item. Only a few are equipped with the equipment and skill to design, visualize and manufacture beautiful lighting fixtures that can be used for interior decor. While there is an increasingly growing demand for well-decorated and well-lit homes, it is the manufacturers like Minka Lavery, who understand the need of the hour and rightly manufacture the fixtures the customers of today desire. Read on to know more about the wide array of lighting products from the company and what are the things that make Minka Lavery one of the best in the country.


The company mainly specializes in the manufacture of traditional, transitional and contemporary styles of lighting fixtures. All the three styles are way different from one another and speak a different language of their own. While a few homeowners might love traditional fixtures with rustic metallic bodies, there are a few homeowners who desire modern/contemporary fixtures that are minimalist in their shape and form. Minka Lavery caters to all kinds of customer tastes by giving equal importance to each style manufactured under the brand.

Secondly, the lighting manufacturer makes both indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures. Be it bathroom, bedroom, living room or kitchen, fixtures for every part of the interior is manufactured. Wall sconces, flush lights, pendants, semi-pendants, chandeliers, island lights, reading lamps, table lamps, accent lamps and floor lamps are few of the most popular indoor lighting products manufactured by Minka Lavery. Outdoor lights are available in a number of variants, namely post mount, wall mount, chain hung and rod hung fixtures. Most of the outdoor lights manufactured by the company are rustic in nature and well equipped with bright, energy efficient LED bulbs.

Apart from lights, Minka Lavery also manufactures beautiful and efficient ceiling fans for indoor use. Designed to be both functional and decorative at the same time, these fans can be used as centerpieces in living and dining rooms.

Things That Make Minka Lavery One of the Best

There are many aspects about the manufacturer that make it one of the best lighting brands in the country. A few are as mentioned below.

1. Design

Given that Minka Lavery is known for its decorative lighting fixtures, design is certainly the most stressed thing in the company. From traditional to transitional to contemporary, the company knows its audience and their style. Skilled designers, craftsmen and artists work together on each fixture as if it were some art form and give high emphasis to detail and grandeur of the fixture. Moreover, each design is unique and has its own story to tell.

2. Finish

Not only design and detail, but finish is also of great importance when we are talking about decorative lighting fixtures. Minka Lavery uses a wide array of metallic finishes on its products and few popular ones include brass, bronze, chrome, copper, gold, nickel, platinum, rust, silver, stone and wood.

3. Energy Efficiency

Lighting fixtures indeed consume a lot of electricity and there is a great need to make them as energy efficient as possible. Minka Lavery considers energy efficiency as a priority in its products and hence, most of the products manufactured under the brand have an Energy Star rating.

4. Use of LEDs

Adding to the above point, the manufacturer uses LED light sources in all of its fixtures as they consume very small amounts of electricity and give out the maximum output. Special emphasis is given on LED outdoor fixtures as these lights are lit for a longer duration and require a lot of electricity for the kind of brightness they provide. In fact, LED lights are brighter and more focused when compared to fluorescent and incandescent bulbs.

5. Diversity

Lastly, the thing that makes Minka Lavery one of the best lighting manufacturers in the country is the effort they put to reach out to a great set of diverse audiences. From indoor to outdoor lighting, traditional to contemporary lighting, the manufacturer is well equipped with skill, ideas and materials to please customers of all tastes and kinds.

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