Hardwood Floor – How to Keep Your Hardwood Looking Fantastic

Hardwood flooring can last for years without the need to replace it. Its maintenance is also easy and requires simple routines to keep it looking nice. But you cannot ignore its care. Yes, hardwood is sturdy. But floors withstand a lot of wear and tear. Then there is dust and dirt that land on the floor every moment of every day. So, consider the following tips to keep your hardwood floors looking fantastic.

Sweep the floors daily

Skipping out on sweeping the floor will eventually catch up with you. You will begin to notice the shine of the floors becoming dull slowly. Dust can settle between planks and make your hardwood floor look bad. Pet hair and other grime can get stuck between the floorboards too.

Sweeping can take care of the daily grime built-up and stop the problem from escalating. Even if you can’t manage to incorporate daily sweeping into your schedule, try to do it once in two days at least.

The right company will provide you with care instructions at the time of installing the flooring. You can also ask for their recommendations during the refinishing work. So, hire a good company from the start; be it for installation work or for refinishing projects. Search online using your location in the keyword to find local companies. For instance, use hardwood floors Scottsdale or something similar. You may find care instructions for hardwood floors on reputed companies’ websites too.

Use the right cleaners and mop

You can’t mop your hardwood floors with excessive water. If you do so, you risk ruining the wood. So, use a mop that comes with damp pads. Such pads are gentler on the hardwood but still effective in removing the grime. You may be able to replace the damp pads too. So, the mop will be clean every time you use it. In the case of liquid spills, mop them away immediately.

Refrain from using cleaners that contain bleach, oil, wax, ammonia, detergents, or vinegar to clean hardwood. Use a gentle cleaner especially formulated for hardwood.

Vacuum regularly

If you can vacuum the floors weekly then great; do so to keep your hardwood flooring in excellent condition. If not then at least incorporate it twice a month to clean the floors.

Ensure that you use the right vacuum attachment to prevent scratching the wood. Refrain from touching the bristles on the floor. You can use a machine that comes with the option to switch off the bristle movement.

Utilize furniture pads and rugs

Moving furniture around the house may be essential. If you move them without using pads underneath then you cannot avoid scratches on the hardwood. So, use pads without fail every time you need to move furniture in the house. Stick pads under the legs of couches, tables, desks, and chairs. Pads do not ruin the furniture. So, use them without worries.

Use rugs by the kitchen sink to prevent water from seeping into the hardwood. You can use rugs in high traffic areas around the house. You can easily remove them before the guests are due to arrive at the house. The use of rugs in the living room and kitchen can prevent scratches very well. Use them where your young kids play.

Refinish floors every few years

Refinishing wooden floors is absolutely essential to prolong their life. You will need to undertake the project every few years or as needed. Refinishing hardwood involves sanding the floors and polishing them to perfection. It will hide the scratches and make the floor look new again.

Hire professionals for deep cleaning the floors

Regular deep cleaning of hardwood can delay the need for refinishing them too soon. Even if you sweep and mop regularly, household grime can accumulate over the years. Professional deep cleaning services can clean hardwood without causing any damage to the surface. Professional hardwood cleaners use specialized equipment to remove dirt from between the crevices.

Choose a reputable service for deep cleaning the hardwood. Schedule it depending on the condition of your floors. If you don’t sweep or vacuum very regularly, you can schedule deep cleaning sessions more frequently to keep the hardwood in your home looking fantastic.

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