HVAC cleaning: Why It Should Be Routine & How It Pays Off

HVAC cleaning

A year of pandemic related fears and restrictions has people prioritizing health like never before. Whether in the workplace or the comfort of home, efforts to create cleaner, healthier, more energy efficient indoor environments have become an important focus. People are leveraging innovative solutions and services to ensure they remain safe and can breathe easy, feel comfortable, and live well. This includes having an excellent HVAC system operating optimally and maintaining it with routine HVAC cleaning services. Doing so ensures the HVAC system operates with the utmost efficiency, and with a longevity that means hard earned money isn’t wasted on repairs or replacement.

We often take for granted clean air, escaping to air-conditioned cool spaces or curling up in a warm area. Whether it’s our homes, commercial properties, or facilities (including hospitals, hotels, and commercial, industrial, or marine workplaces), should the HVAC system malfunction, it takes no time to start appreciating its presence. That’s why it’s so important to maintain it through regular HVAC cleaning services. Preventative maintenance of air ducts, blower motor assemblies, coils, vents, drain pans, the exterior cabinet, and more, ensures everything’s running up to national health and safety standards.

Leave it to the experts

Proper HVAC cleaning can be a labor-intensive, time-consuming process with all the components and mechanics involved. Thankfully, it can be left to highly qualified professionals who are certified, knowledgeable, and happy to take it on. It begins with a thorough property inspection, testing of mechanical systems, and checking temperature, relative humidity, and carbon dioxide. Technicians then determine the best approach to providing customized service for the most efficient, cost effective strategy, including a fair cost estimate. These experts arrive armed with the latest tools and best practice techniques for optimal HVAC cleaning to ensure health, comfort, efficiency, and a longer life for the system.

During an HVAC cleaning service, expert technicians may also document issues with things like the filter bypass, leakage, damaged coils, and any airflow restrictions. For larger jobs, environmental sampling provides useful data around issues that require attention. After this thorough assessment, the technician can apply high-temperature steam treatments to eliminate allergens, bacteria, mold, viruses, and other harmful contaminants. The steam pressure also reaches the inside components and coils to address any debris, airflow issues, and static pressure, improving heating and cooling efficiency. They may apply a corrosion resistant coating to protect the HVAC system.

Schedule for success

When we wake each day, unless there’s a problem, it’s likely that our HVAC system is the last thing on our mind. This is where using the calendar to schedule in professional HVAC cleaning services routinely – typically seasonally – and build them into your maintenance routines is the way to go. Even when we think our HVAC system is only gently used, it still requires regular care and maintenance, especially as a preventative measure. Issues we may not even notice can cause energy bills to increase. Left unattended, small issues can grow bigger, meaning more expensive repairs. When we can rely on trusted experts to take care of this routinely, we gain peace of mind that our indoor environments are clean, healthy, safe, and comfortable all year long.

Health and safety first

A breath of fresh air can be a cleansing, calming force. But let’s not forget that it’s the air we breathe that keeps us alive. Unfortunately, the air we breathe also has the potential to make us sick. Whether we’re relaxing at home, rushing around at work, or out in public, when we’re exposed to mold, fungi, bacteria, dust, or other chemicals, our health can be compromised. Fortunately, HVAC systems have been developed to collect and filter out these harmful contaminants so we can breathe easy, literally. But in order to function effectively, the system must be running optimally, and that includes regular HVAC cleaning.

Great service pays back today, and in the long-term

Besides our rent, lease, or mortgage, utilities are often our biggest expense. While we expect hot water and a warm (or cooled down!) home or office, the fact is that it’s expensive. And when our systems are not running efficiently, the effects will be reflected on our monthly bills. Let’s face it, times are tough: who can afford drastic fluctuations in their monthly expenses? Finally, the HVAC system itself, as well as its installation, is a big investment. An ounce of preventative maintenance with routine HVAC cleaning can bring years of longevity to the system as a whole, as well as to its many components and parts.

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