Important Plumbing Tips Everyone Needs to Know

There is no slightest doubt that plumbing is a special skill that only an experienced plumber knows. And you being a homemaker do not give much importance to the intricacies of plumbing as you are unaware of the technicalities and it comes to your notice only when a disaster takes place. And therefore, when a plumbing emergency occurs in your house, once you call a plumber Upland, you must know what all precautions you need to take before the plumber arrives.

But that will only happen when you already know the plumbing system of your home. And you must know a bit of basic and tips so that in case of any emergency, you already know what needs to be done before the plumber arrives. In this blog, you will find some important plumbing tips which are not rocket science and would help you in the long run.

Know how to turn off the water supply of your home

It is going to be a panic situation when a pipe bursts as it can cause a lot of damage to your home. Therefore, to tackle this situation wisely without causing any more damage to the area, you must know from where and how to turn off the water supply of the house. You need to know that the valve to shut off water is somewhere in your home, so know how to turn that off. Along with this, you can teach your kids as well how to turn off the water supply. Even when you are not at home and any plumbing emergency occurs, your kids would know what is the first thing that they need to do.

Never overlook the leak

The first rule of a safe home is to never ignore the leaks. Be it a leak in the kitchen sink, or in the bathtub or flush, do not forget or ignore it in any case. Though it looks like a minor problem but these leaks are not only wasting a lot of water but they will cost you some serious dollars as these leaks lead to big repairs. When the leak is ignored, it makes the steel pipes go rusty and rot the whole line with clogged faucets, cracks, and many other serious disasters. Thus, whenever, you see a leak such as dripping water from anywhere, do not ignore it as every other exposed element in your house including the flooring, shelves, pipes, cabinets will catch moisture and get damaged over time.

Know what goes down the drain and what not

If you want to keep your drainage system fit and healthy, you should know what goes down the drain and what cannot. Things that you should never let go down the drain but we all still do it are:

• Plastic material
• Wipes
• Coffee grounds
• Tissue papers
• Eggshells
• Diapers
• Floss
• Hair
• Peels
• Food
• Glass to name a few

So, the next time you are using your garbage disposal to throw in the eggshells in it, stop right there and throw it in the trash as it will damage your drainage system. Check out what goes in and also let your kids know about this.

Always use the right tools

Clogged toilets or drains are very common in the household and you must know how to tackle those issues by yourself. Most of the time a plunger is needed but it is not always an effective solution for a clogged drain. No doubt a plunger helps in creating a seal to force the water through the clog till it gets moved down the pipe but if you want the clogging issue to resolve effectively then always use a wet-dry vacuum as it works the best on the hard clogs. For hard items, a plunger is not going to work that efficiently. Therefore, always know which is the right tool for such kind of problems.

By remembering these small tips, you will be able to resolve minor plumbing issues all by yourself. This is important to know if you own a house because in case of emergency, instead of getting anxious and panicky, you know what steps you need to take to keep the situation in control until the plumber arrives.

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