The Lovely Range of Minka Lavery Pendant Lights

Minka Lavery is the lighting focused part of the Minka Group. The outfit aims to offer home buyers a wide variety of models with different design styles as a one-stop shop for premium lighting. Their pendant lights are much sought after for the variety and freshness in design. Let’s take a look at the different Minka Lavery pendants on offer. The lights have been sorted by size for easy selection.

Island Pendants

Island Pendants are a modern interpretation of mini chandeliers. The multiple lights are arrayed horizontally along a central frame or spine to give a monolithic appearance to the fixture. Unlike in chandeliers, lights are rarely stacked over each other. Island Pendants are great for illuminating dining areas, kitchen areas and home bars. Instead of using a set of pendant lights, a single island light will act as a beautiful centre piece for the dining area. The design language used in Island Pendants is quite modern with an industrial edge. Minka Lavery offers Island Pendants from its popular model families so that buyers can choose similar fixtures in different configurations. Downtown Edison comes in a brushed nickel finish with 12 exposed lamps arrayed on either side of the central spine. The pendant is supported by metal down rods emerging from the ceiling fixing plate. Harvard Court is a modern option for buyers who prefer to buy island pendants with shaded lamps. It features four lamps hanging from the spine framed by metal rods, covered by clear or etched opal glass shades. The pendant light comes in a special Harvard Court Bronze finish. The Series 3 island pendant is a classic interpretation with three lights offering both downlighting and ambient lighting. The lamps are shaded with etched glass. It comes with a choice of Lathan Bronze or Polished Nickel finishes.

Large Pendant Lights

Large Pendant can be used to light up medium sized rooms where a chandelier would not be convenient. Minka Lavery has a pleasing mix of classic as well as modern designs that appeal to a wide section of homeowners. Atterbury and Aston Court have a baroque appearance with plenty of metal work on the pendant. Both these pendants have three lights. Paradox, Raiden and Harvard Court pendants offer a more toned down contemporary look. Harvard Court has two large pendants, a three-light option with drum shade and a six-light option with cylindrical shade respectively.  Downtown Edison and Clarte will appeal to buyers looking for modern and minimalistic designs.

Medium Pendant Lights

Medium pendants can be used either singly in smaller rooms or in pairs in larger rooms to create a symmetrical look. Instead of having one large pendant or island pendant, designers opt to have two or more medium sized pendants in dining areas and home bars. This creates a cozy effect in the décor. The Nanti three-lamp pendant light is a drum pendant with an etched vanilla glass shade. The vertical face of the pendant is covered by pleasing metalwork that evokes wrought iron furniture.  The Clarte three-light medium pendant comes in patina iron and chrome finishes. The glass shade is supported by four metal spokes rising from the base.

Small and Mini Pendant Lights

Small and Mini Pendant Lights are used in sets to light up dining areas. They can also be used to light up hallways and vestibules. Mini Pendant lights are available in single lamp configuration. Most model families introduced by Minka Lavery have mini pendants on offer. Aston Court, Salon Grand and Aspen II are the classic models with bell shaped glass shades and elaborate metalwork. Paradox, Nanti, Raiden and Tofino pendants are contemporary offerings with gentle curves and minmal metal work. Downtown Edison, Clarte and PL ranges offer modern interpretations of pendant lights with exposed lamps and very less metalwork.

Pendant Lights are an easy way for home owners to get the glamour of chandeliers at a fraction of the price. With Minka Lavery’s range, buyers get pendants from lighting stores in a wide array of styles and configurations.

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