Minka Aire Ceiling Fans – World’s Smartest Fans!

Right over our heads, they spin, revolving their blades at varying speeds to suit our cooling needs – and it is high time too, as summertime is yet to go ashore. While the scorching weather beats down upon your home, don’t broil in the heat any longer; this season try the trendy and cooling Minka Aire ceiling fans.

It is true that having a swanky ceiling fan in your home has now become a basic requirement because what you choose for your home interiors, displays your style and classiness to those who walk in through your gate. Make the perfect choice when it comes to having a fan for your room as it is an imperative home appliance that one can’t do without. So, it needs to be within your budget and also serve its function.

The Smart Way to Choose a Ceiling Fan

Now the question is what is it that you should be looking for while choosing a ceiling fan for your beautiful domicile? Of course, there are various factors, but just like selecting any other home appliance, like a washer/dryer or a refrigerator, you should consider not only décor and style, but the functionality of the fan as well. Here are various aspects – tangible and intangible, of picking the right ceiling fan for you.

1. Décor: Make sure that the style of ceiling fan complements the décor of the room. Minka Aire ceiling fans come in a wide array of themes and styles and you should narrow down your options at first. A rustic, bronze fan can accent your traditional style bedroom or living room, while palm-leaf fans can make your outdoor or patio look more like the tropical zones. Whatever is the decor, Minka has got a designer fan made for it.

2. Functionality: Contrary to popular belief, ceiling fans are not only for the hot-weather months. Certainly, they serve that extra cooling during summers, but did you know that you can switch on your fan in winters too? That’s right. Minka Aire ceiling fans can help you make the hot air from the heater you use in winters. All you need to do is to reverse the rotation of the blades. Just hit the switch button, and here you go… the blades now move counter clockwise. The reverse option pulls the air instead of pushing it.

3. The Height: When choosing a ceiling fan, do consider the ceiling height. The ideal fan height from the floor should be approximately 8 feet. Many fans have multiple mounting options, allowing them to perform almost anywhere in the home. Do take height of your ceiling to determine what will work best for your space.

4. The Blades: The appearance of a ceiling fan’s blades is actually more of a design feature than a matter of utility or efficiency. The fan’s capacity to shed air is determined by the pitch of the blades, so choose the one that looks best to you.

5. Lighting: To add lighting or not to add lighting in the fan, is the next question. Choosing a ceiling fan with lighting is your personal preference. If the fan is to be installed in an open space or in a space where there is good natural lighting, then buy a ceiling fan without the lighting set. And, if the space uses a boost of general lighting, choose the one with the lighting set.

Finally, do consider a ceiling fan that can have its rotation reversing function. It will provide better cooling during summers and better heating during winters.

Caring for your Fan

Many people avoid cleaning their ceiling fans because they consider just the bottom of fan where no dust can take place. However, regularly cleaning fans is an indispensable part of its maintenance. And, if you ignore doing it, dust and dirt can make your fan noisy, wobbly and can even damage the motor. In addition, the accumulation of dust on the fan can represent a health hazard over time.

Minka Aire Ceiling Fans – World’s Smartest Fans!

Minka Aire ceiling fans are stylish, classic, and efficient. Being a staple of every household, ceiling fans (housewares.about.com/od/coolingheating/tp/The-6-Best-Ceiling-Fans-to-Buy.htm) have now become a fashion. You can enhance your home decor by contrasting it with furniture or the paint color of your room. Find the suitable pick for your requirements, both indoors and outdoors, living rooms and bedrooms, offices and shops, wherever your requirement is, with the all types of fans. These fans have been engineered for superior performance and to provide maximum comfort even in the biggest rooms. Minka Aire has something for every décor and budget.

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