Pond Filters – Everything You Need to Know

A pond filter is an equipment to keep the ponds clean. Without using a filter, the pond in your garden or backyard can get full of scum really quickly; making it difficult for you to enjoy its beauty. But just any pond filter won’t do. You need to use the right filter as per the size of the pond. For instance, large pond filters will not be ideal for smaller ponds. There are other considerations as well.

The Dimensions

You will need to buy the filter as per the size of the pond. You don’t need to buy large pond filters for a tiny water body in your garden. You can invest in small-sized pond filters for efficiency and perfect placement.

For instance, large pond filters can be up to 32.5 inches tall; ideal for filtration capacity for ponds of approximately 4000 gallons. If your pond size is 1000 gallons; a filter of around 21 inches would be more suitable.

Of course, you will need to check for other things as well such as the right waterfall opening width, the width of the filter itself, etc.

The Type of Pond

If you raise fish in the pond, you will need a filter with a good capacity to clean fish waste. If you have lots of plants in the pond; you will need a filter that can remove fish waste without disturbing the natural pH balance of the water.

If the filter doesn’t have the capacity to clear all types of waste from the pond then the scum can release ammonia and nitrates into the water. These chemicals can be harmful to the fish and the flora in the pond. It can also kill other insects and inhabitants of the pond required for the fish to thrive.

Waterfall filters can be helpful by increasing aeration in the ponds. The aeration helps to make the ponds cleaner. A clean pond is not only essential for the inhabitants in its water but also for the people living near it.

The Convenience

Maintaining the pond in your garden must not be a hassle for you. For this reason, it is important to find a pond filter, which is easy to clean.

Yes, eventually you will need to clean the filter as well. A clogged filter will stop functioning properly after a while. Calling in professionals for cleaning the filter can be expensive in the long run. You cannot restrict the cleaning to once or twice a year also.

For this reason, the best filters are ones that you can clean by yourself and easily. A simple back-flushing cleaning mechanism in pond filters allows you to keep it free of debris and waste. You shouldn’t also need to disassemble the filter to clean it.

The installation of the pond filter must also be easy. You should be able to install it by yourself using simple tools such as a screwdriver.

So, always check the convenience factor before buying a pond filter. If any equipment is not easy to use; you are not likely to utilize its benefits to the greatest degree.

The Sturdiness

The pond filter must be sturdy enough to last for a long time. All the components of the filter must be strong to function properly for years to come. If you end up buying a pond filter that keeps breaking down, it’s not really worth it. Replacing the pond filter frequently is not really something homeowners will want to do.

So, look for a filter that is sturdy enough to withstand the elements outside and function properly for a long time.

The Economical Use

Many pond filters require users to buy additional filters, bio media, and drain kits. These extra expenses can add up year after year; making maintaining a pond quite a costly affair. Many pond filters require you to use filter pads. So, when choosing a pond filter; it is essential to look into the cost aspects also.

The Aesthetics

The pond filter will be by your beautiful pond. It should be appealing in appearance and not overwhelm the space.

The right pond filter must be perfect for your use in all these aspects to offer you its full benefits.

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