Spruce Up Your Garden with the Best Garden Accessories

A well-maintained garden is beautiful on its own. But you can enhance a garden’s beauty even more with the right decorative accessories. It is now easy to find decorative garden accessories to suit any design theme or to mix-and-match different aesthetic ideas.

Here are some ideas to help you spruce up your garden with the right accessories.

Create a Theme

Irrespective of the size of your garden, you can create beautiful decorative themes to accentuate its beauty. You can use eclectic decorative garden accessories or keep the theme centered on natural elements only. For the former; think metallic geometric shapes, mirrors, or art you can hang on the wall or the tree branches. For the latter; you can use animal figurines, wind chimes featuring birds, and floral-shaped wind spinners.

Choose from contemporary decorative garden accessories to rustic elements such as wooden artifacts or stone figurines. You can create different themes for separate corners of a big garden. Even for smaller gardens, it is possible to use different styles of design elements with proper placement. For instance, you can place big terracotta planters near the entryway and accentuate the theme further with terracotta wind chimes or hanging items all over the garden. Dot the theme with colorful rustic elements here and there to break the monotony of the natural terracotta hue. For instance, you can buy colored terracotta pots. You can also buy terracotta wind chimes with glass beads.

Think ahead about the theme before purchasing decorative garden accessories. It will help you buy items that work best for your garden.

Combine Practicality with Aesthetics

You can also use items for the garden that can double up as decorative accessories. You can buy deep watering stakes with colorful floral designs to use in the garden bed. Such stakes can work wonderfully for small, rooftop, or even indoor gardens. You can also use multiple deep watering stakes under big trees. Imagine a leafy canopy and a bed of colorful stakes underneath the shade! The colorful floral stakes can add vibrancy to the garden with only fruit orchards or non-flowering plants.

Another idea is to use wooden ladders as a spot for small planters; each step also adorned with small figurines. You can also hang wind chimes on the top step of the ladder. Using ladders in the garden can provide additional space for pots and they can also act as an interesting accent piece.

If you have colorful gardening tools such as watering cans or baskets then place them strategically in the shade by a patch of grass or on the verandah near your planters.

Keep it Simple

Cluttering your garden with too many accessories isn’t a good idea. It may or may not work well to enhance your garden’s look. It is best to focus on one or two statement pieces of decorative accessories for small gardens. For larger outdoor spaces, you can add more decorative garden accessories in each corner as central pieces around smaller accent pieces.

One corner can have a birdbath or a fountain around a bed of fragrant flowers. Another part of the garden can look beautiful with sculptures or animal figurines. Restrict the number of figurines at one place in the garden. If you have trees in your garden, utilize the branches to hang colorful accessories. You can also decorate the verandah or any pillar near or in the garden with wall art.

Use of planters of different sizes and colors is one of the easiest ways to decorate a garden without much fuss. You can use different styles of planters all across your garden. Place some on the patio, by the entryway, or dot a few along the garden path. If you have a rooftop garden then you can use wall planters or place some pots on decorative stone tables. Use of tables can also help you create a layered and neat look on the rooftop garden or even by the verandah. Choose different-sized tables and place various plants on them and on the ground.

Allow the decorative garden accessories to augment the space and not overwhelm it.

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