Ten Unique Ideas for Garden Gifts

Consumers are really spoilt for choices when it comes to buying gardening tools and products. You can now find many innovative products in the market to make any gardener happy. But the best gifts for gardeners are ones that can add value to their garden or help advance their hobby.

Consider these 10 gift ideas the next time you need to buy unique gifts for gardeners.

1. Tool Seat –

Not all gardeners want to lug around heavy tools belted across their waists or even carry them unorganized in a metal tin or basket. A tool seat can be the ideal gift for them. The detachable and washable tool bag is fitted on a chair-like steel frame, which is easier to carry.

2. Deep Root Watering Devices –

There are watering devices and then there are deep root watering devices. The latter are innovative tools to water the plants optimally and efficiently. But why settle for hose-like metal deep watering tools when you can buy such devices in beautiful shapes and patterns? Look for flower-shaped colorful deep root watering tool that can delight any gardener with their utility and decorative characteristics.

3. Recycled Metal Planters –

Many artists are now making unique planters with recycled materials. Buy animal-shaped metal planters that can be used in both indoor and outdoor gardens. These planters can beautify any garden in an instant.

4. Potting Station –

For gardeners lacking space for potting their plants, a dedicated table for the task is just the ideal gift idea. Look for potting stations made with waterproof materials and one that is east to clean as well. It can also be a nice gift for gardeners who like to keep their gardens organized.

5. LED Planters –

Planters with LEDs are perfect for those with indoor gardens. You can even buy stackable models for gardening enthusiasts facing space crunch. These LEDs help plants receive the necessary light for their optimal growth. Buy such planters made with lightweight recyclable materials such as aluminum for durability and enhanced look.

6. Waterproof Garden Shoes –

Wouldn’t it be nice to wear waterproof gardening boots that also look good? If you know the shoe size of the gardener then rubber mud boots is a gift idea you can consider for them. There are a number of possibilities here such as ankle boots that are also ideal to wear in the snow or even unisex clogs. Garden boots are easy to clean and comfortable to wear. The person receiving a beautiful pair of garden boots is sure to love them.

7. Kneeling Pad –

A kneeling pad can be one of the best gifts for gardeners. It is ideal for protecting the delicate knees from unnecessary strain while working on the plants. You can buy one made with a foam pad that also absorbs shocks. If you want to increase the utility factor of this unique gift then opt for a kneeling pad that also becomes a padded bench when flipped. Buy a pad with rust-resistant metal frame for gardeners who put in a lot of work in their garden.

8. Gathering Apron –

A take on the wicker baskets, a gathering apron is a hands-free gardening product for those who need to tackle fruit or herb harvest in their garden. Buy a washable product in a sturdy material.

9. Bug-Repellant Hat –

How about gifting a hat that protects the wearer from the sun and the bugs? Isn’t a winning gift formula for the gardeners? Many unique materials have been developed in the last few decades and this type of gardening hats are made from one that contains properties to repel bugs.

10. Origami Bird Feeders –

Now, what’s a garden without the beautiful chirping sounds of birds? Apart from the traditional woods, you can now buy bird feeders in ceramic, wood, and even glass. But how about an origami-style resting stop for our winged friends that can look stylish in any garden? These are not made with paper but with metal. These are flat and folded when sold and the gardeners can put them together easily. Such bird feeders are sturdy but lightweight.

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