The Right Tactics for Maintaining Copper Sinks

Copper sinks are often a great addition to the home. They offer an aesthetic feel to your space and bestow a luxurious look. You can easily use a copper sink as a sanitary addition to your kitchen. Besides, they can be great accent pieces for your bathrooms. However, it’s not because of the beauty that people are opting for copper sink. It has a lot of other utilities. Copper sinks do not rust and are available in many styles. There is an increased chance of bacteria to thrive in regular basins, but most of the bacteria and germs can’t live long in copper basin and they die within a few hours after coming in contact with copper. Moreover, you can avail a wide array of copper sinks with smooth finishes created with single copper sheet. Nevertheless, if you varnish copper or wax it, copper loses its antimicrobial properties. Furthermore, it is prone to water stains, if you don’t take care of it in a proper way. You can ward off this concern by washing and drying the sink after using. In addition, you can avoid leaving acid residue like a leftover of fruits in the sink. Nonetheless, this is not the ideal method of keeping your basin shining and spotless. You must take some preventive actions for protecting copper sink from getting water and fruit stains. Hence, it’s significant that you should know the right tactics for maintenance of copper sinks. But, there is nothing to fret over! Cleaning copper sink only requires a few minutes and a few cleaning ingredients.

Let’s check out the right tactics for maintaining copper sinks in this regard:

  • Get all the essentials for maintaining copper

Collect all the essential ingredients for maintaining your copper sink including cleaning rags, tomato juice, mild natural dish soap, steel wood pad and Renaissance wax.

  • Wash the sink

Wash the sink with tomato juice as well as hot water. The tomato juice will help to get rid of stain, hard water spots as well as other build-up. Make use of the hot water with a few drops of dish soap for scrubbing the basin. Nevertheless, you should not use abrasive or acid based detergents as they would cause damage to your sink surface. It would be best to apply mild natural soap to a clean and soft cloth or sponge and scrub the sink gently. Steel wood pad can also be used in this regard. Go on scrubbing with the steel wood pad in circular motions till your basin is bright and shiny. However, ensure the fact that you are not using a pre-treated steel wool pad. It is because the chemicals of this pad can damage the copper. Use the cleaning rag for washing out the basin and make sure of the fact that no water or residue is left on the sink surface. Wash out the soap and the loose debris in your basin with running water.

  • Apply Renaissance wax

Spread on Renaissance wax to the surface of the sink with the help of a clean and dry rag. Follow the instructions of the manufacturer while applying high quality wax in order to protect it from damage. Applying wax helps the water to flow smoothly and maintain the natural shine and appeal of copper. Make use of circular motions for pushing the wax into the sink surface. Try to shield the entire basin. In case your sink consists of a decorative rim, you must wax the copper parts, or else the sink will become dark. At times, you may have to reapply the wax when water no longer drops in your basin. Repeat the treatment once in two months or six months as per your requirement. However, you must remember that even if, periodical waxing retains the shine of copper it eliminates all the natural anti-bacterial qualities by coating the metal surface.

  • Buff the wax

In order to get a brilliant finish, make use of a clean and dry rag to buff the wax. If your sink is shining, it would be ready for use again, making it less prone to water stains. In fact, whenever you are using the basin, try to make it dry with a soft towel for preventing the formation of water spots. Wipe the sink with an absorbent dry towel to get rid of the excess moisture content.

Follow these tactics and retain the natural shine of copper. Purchase the best copper sink available in the market and smarten up your home in an exclusive style.

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