Things to Consider While Buying Rustic Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

There is no rule that bathroom furniture has to be boring and just serve the purpose of having compartments. We all spend a considerable amount of our lives in bathrooms yet ignore the aesthetics of this place. A cabinet is very much essential in a bathroom to store all our cosmetics and toiletries. If you are thinking of improving the interiors of your bathroom, the cabinet is the right place to start with. The cabinet can be turned into an amazing décor item if you are willing to put in some effort. If you are thinking how a cabinet can serve as a décor item, you have not heard of rustic bathroom vanity cabinets then!

Any furniture that is made of rustic wood is known as rustic furniture and bathroom cabinets too are made out of rustic furniture. Rustic themes retain the authentic texture and appearance of the wood they are made of instead of being painted upon. All the imperfections including scars, lines, dark spots, nail marks etc. are left behind to make the cabinet look used, weathered and distressed. The old and rusty look adds a lot of depth to the furniture and makes it seem that the cabinet is used by generations together. The raw textures and the bold, faded colors only get better with time as the wood ages.

You certainly don’t want to crowd your bathroom with unnecessary décor items and reduce the moving space inside. Hence, a chic rustic bathroom vanity cabinet is what you need to create the perfect bathroom ambience and efficiently utilize the available space. If you are willing to buy one, here’s a list of things you need to consider before buying.

Things to Consider While Buying Rustic Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

1. Type of Wood

The most important parameter that you need to consider while buying any furniture that is rustic in nature. The type of wood used contributes immensely towards the look and feel of any furniture and there are specific types of rustic furniture. For your rustic cabinet you can choose one of the following types- eastern white pine, lodge pole pine, western red cedar, northern white cedar, barn wood, reclaimed teak wood, hickory, walnut, aspen and white oak. All these types are solid wood that offers durability and naturally add a rustic feel to the cabinet. While buying ensure that you ask your vendor the wood types that are available and choose the one that is best for you.

2. Type of Finish

This is another important aspect to consider while buying a rustic bathroom vanity cabinet. It is ultimately the finish that will decide the appearance of the furniture and you have to ensure that it looks rustic in this case. Don’t dwell too much on perfection and allow the scars, dark spots and knots to be visible if you want a genuine rustic appearance. There is an array of choice when it comes to finish types and you can choose one of the following- stain finish, varnish, outdoor spar varnish, indoor satin varnish, water based stain, oil based stain, polyurethane, lacquer etc. Finishes not only add to the beauty of the furniture but also protect them from damage. Given that the rustic bathroom vanity cabinet gets exposed to a lot of moisture, a finish and a protective coating can avoid damage to the wood.

3. Size and Shape

It is no surprise that bathrooms always have space constraints and including a furniture like a bathroom cabinet eats up the available space too. Hence, you need to be very careful while ordering and study your bathroom space well in advance. Analyze the space that is available and have a fair idea about the space the cabinet is going to occupy. You don’t want the rustic bathroom vanity cabinet to be blocking the door or blocking the only moving space in the bathroom. Also have clear idea about the number of compartments you would need and whether or not you need a sink attached with it. If you can only accommodate a narrow space, you can go for upright vanity cabinets. If you don’t like constant opening and closing of doors, you can go for open vanity cabinets.

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