Tips for Choosing a Rustic Bathroom Vanity for Your Home

Vanities are an inevitable component of any bathroom. They function as space savers and also as objects that make your bath and powder rooms look attractive. Rustic styled consoles are the trendiest among vanities. In selecting them for your bathroom, here are a few factors to consider.

•  Space availability – Vanities can be placed in bath and powder rooms alike. The space available within determines the size of the vanity that can be placed in them. In determining the size, pay attention to the width, length, and height, as well as the area of the bath where it will be placed. The overall size needs to be in proportion with that of the bath or powder room. It should also be in proportion with the size and placement of surrounding fixtures. The space needed by vanity doors for easy opening and closure also needs to be considered.

•  Storage needs – The size of the vanity and its type depends on the storage needs – how many and what kind of articles the furniture will need to hold. Sink consoles tend to be smaller in size and are suited for use in powder rooms and guest bathrooms. They generally lack storage beneath the sink, but can be equipped with a small cabinet underneath, if required. Double sink bathroom vanity is larger in size than sink consoles, and hence are better suited for master bathrooms.

•  Materials, colors, and finishes – Rustic bathroom vanities usually are available in wood. These include pieces made from regular lumber or reclaimed wood. The top of the vanity maybe set in a contrasting material like marble or soapstone for a brilliant focal point and ease of maintenance. Metal accents on doors and inlays on the surface are also a common feature on rustic wooden vanities. This article of furniture is also available in different colors like white, red, aqua, lime etc. and finishes like bleached, distressed, etc.

•  Number and type of sinks – The number of sinks on the vanity, is governed by the space available atop the vanity and the end use. Smaller, one sink vanities, are best suited for kids or guest bathrooms. Large and double sink vanities are better suited for master bathrooms that can accommodate large consoles with wider counter area.

Different rustic vanities come with different sink types. The most common are vessel or bowl shaped sinks that sit on top of the counter surface, and which do not require an under mount installation. Drop-in and under mounts sinks are also available for use with rustic vanities, though they are more common on custom built pieces.

•  Style of mounting – Free standing or standard vanities that resemble a chest or a cupboard offer the maximum storage space. They are also the most popular type of vanity. Wall-mounting variants too are available but lack legs unlike standard ones. These are perfect for use in modern bathrooms to open up floor space. Corner mounted vanities have a ninety-degree angle at the backside and can be fitted snugly into the corners of the bathroom to save space.

•  Maintenance and care – Bathroom vanities need to be moisture resistant in order to last long. They also need to be protected from the water that gets splashed on the counter. While some kinds of wood like teak, old growth cypress, and old growth pine lumber are naturally resistant to moisture, other kinds of wood need to be sealed and treated with water resistant finishes every couple of years. Choosing lumbers that are naturally rot resistant or that have been exposed to water for a long time (like wood reclaimed from barges) help bring down the maintenance required and keeps it stronger and more durable.

With the wide range of options that are available in the market, selecting a rustic vanity for your bathroom needs careful consideration of the above mentioned factors. These will help you choose the best vanity for your bathroom.

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