What’s the Best Type of Marble for Your Kitchen Floor?

When it comes to purchasing marble countertops, the designing possibilities are endless. If you choose the right finish, it will change your floor to a glistening, shiny surface that your loved ones will admire. The look of the marble may vary, and it depends on what type of style you have in your kitchen. In addition, there are many colors to choose from, and there is no doubt you will find the right one for your flooring.

Why should you choose marble for your kitchen flooring?

Natural stone is low maintenance and easy to care for when it is properly sealed. Additionally, you will be able to choose any color you desire to coordinate with the rest of your house for marble flooring. There are many tiles to choose from that will be the appropriate choice for your kitchen flooring. For example, you can choose “Damasco Light”, “Crema Marfil”, or “Calacatta Classico”, which will look nice in a bright kitchen. You can also choose “Breccia Pernice” as well as “Black Pearl”. The “Damasco Light” has a beige hue, with some etchings in the stone. The “Crema Marfil” has a creamy beige tone, which will also look great in a brightly colored kitchen.

There are many benefits of using marble flooring (www.countertopspecialty.com/floor-tile.html). First of all, it comes in a variety of colors, and it is available in various hues. Another reason to choose marble flooring is because of the polish. You will notice that marble will withstand high polish, which is unlike other stone flooring materials. This will keep your floor looking smooth and shiny, and the colors of your flooring will be more noticeable. The third reason is for the lighting. It is translucent, which means it will penetrate the colors of the marble stones that are light. It will leave a beautiful glow across your kitchen floor, and it will show the quality of your marble flooring.

How to choose the right marble

Polished marble flooring is recommended because it can be buffed until it is shimmering under the natural light. However, you have to be careful after buffing it, because it may become slippery. Another characteristic that you should look for in marble flooring is if it is honed. This process includes grinding the marble until it is flat and smooth, but it won’t be slippery or to shiny. In addition, tumbled marble is available in beige and milky stones. It is buffed, and it works well on large kitchen floors. If tumbled marble is what you’re wanting to get as your kitchen flooring, some pieces are polished and others have a honed surface. Therefore, if you want to use it for your kitchen flooring, you will have to lay out your floor in order to make sure that the look flows naturally. You have to do this to make sure there are no irregularities, and that you like the look of it. Marble works well with professional sealing, and it is recommended to leave it with a honed finish. It is considered to be highly resilient. According to marble professionals, each slab of marble stone will have different streaks of color running throughout.

The main types of Marble

The main classifications of marble are dolomite, magnesium, and calcite. All of these classifications have various types of tones, and they will have different types of vein patterns. One example is Breccia. Breccia marble can vary, and it is considered to be a darker and warmer marble. It looks great for flooring, and it is available in red tones. The next type of marble is Carrara, which is a pure white marble, and it is considered to be one of the lightest marbles for flooring. Calacutta marble is bolder than the carrara marble, but it has warmer hues and can dramatically change the look of the room. Once you’ve decided which marble flooring you want, there are some things you have to remember. Like granite, it is a natural stone, which means it is porous. This means you have to seal your marble surfaces at least once a year. Furthermore, you have to avoid liquids on marble flooring, because there might be a chemical reaction. Make sure you clean up any spills immediately in order to prevent damage. Marble looks great as flooring, and you will be pleased with how it can add elegance to your kitchen.

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