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Light Up Your Home with Interior and Exterior Light Fixtures from Norwell Lighting

We all want light fixtures that work well and at the same time look delightful to the eyes.  And it is exactly this balance of practicality and good looks what Norwell is known to offer its consumers. With the hangover of colonial enterprises that survived for decades all over the world, we still Read More

Create an Old-World Charm in Your Home with Onion Lights

Onion lights are part of the architectural heritage of seafarers from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. With a growing interest in Colonial style home decor, buyers all over America are trying out these distinctive fixtures for their exterior and interior lighting.

Where did Onion Lights Originate?

Onion Lights Read More

Grace the Exteriors with Unique Lighting Designs from Norwell Lighting

Colonial Revival architecture has remained an enduring facet of home decor in America. The influence of the style is apparent from furniture catalogues and decor stores even today. The style began as a nostalgic evocation of the early simple style of houses in early America of the 18th Century, particularly Read More

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